Diary 2022

Januari 4

After days of work I have a free day. Just trying out my new coffeemachine after the old one broke. We are not (yet) friends the new coffeemachine and me. It is so totally different and perhaps the wrong one I bought.

April 4
Finally a new entry. I do a lot of work lately. Glad to say I work also (after  a few dutch written books) on an english version of Regina's Dairy. But it grows so slowly. I work a lot and when I am free I have much to do. It is an Regina thing. Working on many things at the same time. I love it but feel the pressure also.
And every time I promise myself to play the harp again but 2022 is 4 months old and I hardly touch the harp. I miss it and know I lost a lot of practice.
For everyone who want to know I have good advice but I dont listen to myself when it comes to that. So quickly days turns into weeks and months and often I am looking back and ask myself: Where did the time go...

April 10
 Finally I played my harp. Guess for the first time this year. It had been months ago. Oh I forgot so much. Even the songs I could play I cant right now. I forgot the notes, the melody. I hope to play and practice often but with only 1 day off in a week I know days will pass and I dont touch the harp.

August 27
Is it that long I wrote? Really time works very fast. I lost cats, took cats. Work a lot and again it is very dry. no or not much rain.
I hope I post more this year!

Vacation time
The first day of my vacation was a strange day. Suddenly I didnt have any frame to hang up my life. I was free, feeling free. Took me a few days to adjust. I went to Leiden (close to Amerdam) but the railway people where on strike so I had to travel to many miles.

and on my birthday (august 31) I visit Terschelling, an island. But I feel my body hurting because of the many miles walking and the wind is always here in Terschelling and with a rented bike I feel my age. Well it is my birthday isnt it  59 years old.
in a few days the planns are to visit trees by Deventer. When I working again I am exausted. mm Will see. More about my adventures (soon ) on http://www.bomentijd..nl

Age 59
I reach now age 59!
I was looking at myself in the mirror of the hotel I was staying to celebrate my life and I saw my grey hair, my old skin and tumor -clearly seen but not dangerous  in my thoriot and my old body, my stomach with some extra weight. Yes 59 years old. And I feel my age often. Guess still 8 years of work till I retire. Now I am not that fast anymore. I forget a lot and had to think what I forgot. Brushes and pains are shown more.
Vacation. Wonderful. There was no frame of time. Freedom. I felt it cleary when I was on the boat to set to an island here in the Netherlands. Freedom. Water. From one coast to another. I so love the sea. It was some years ago since I was there.
Most of my life is done. Gone. I am in my autumn now.
What do you do with the rest of your life?

October 8
Visiting some old trees. It took the whole day to visit them. I am now working on my (diutch) homepage. Fixing mistakes and add new one. It take time.

de Heksenboom van Bladel

November 5
For weeks now I was worried about my special friend who is imprisoned for many many years in America. I heard nothing about him and fear the worst. My search on the internet feed my fear. He seems to be ok but I havent hear from him yet.
I heard Mary was no longer alive months later. I took the journey of being a SoulSister and GuestbookButterflies a long time together with her. That is history now and so is she. It hurts. Many friends from online groups are gone and you dont know it. That is the price of growing older.

December 3
The last month of this year.
And it is cold outside.

December 4 Sunday
I was free. It was a grey day and the whole day I did nothing. The whole day I was reading and watch Wednesday ( a tvserie ) and sleeping on the couch. With good music and the whole day went by and I loved to do nothing. I needed it. I loved it. It was great.

December 31
The end of 2022 is near. It was full of tree visits, two new cats and 2 dead ones. Full of music but my harp stays silent too often.
I lost a good friend Mary from Golden City in America
Some dreams came true. Hope I let more dreams in 2023 see the light.
Happy New Year. May 2023 be yours with a little luck.