I have often been downcast, but never in despair; I regard our hiding as a dangerous adventure, romantic and interesting at the same time. In my diary I treat all the privations as amusing. I have made up my mind now to lead a different life from other girls and, later on, different from ordinary housewives. My start has been so very full of interest, and that is the sole reason why I have to laugh at the humorous side of the most dangerous moments.

 from Anne Frank

Diary 2023

 My old old old worn diary

There was a chinese store with such a beautiful stuff where I bought the diary a long time ago. It smells strange, promises of adventures of an unknown country long before Facebook and smartphones existed. 

The store is gone but this diary, written with bold handwriting I still have. So that is why I made this set long ago.

 Februari 12th

Nighttime. I cant sleep so I write something here. It is so quiet outside. No car passing by.. My cats are sleeping. A lot is happening in the world.  So sad. The world is changing. Too Fast. Too bad.

May 2

Finally I read the book from Mary Maccracken


The Memory of all that. What a great book. What a great love was there. Alzheimer came in their life but love still stands between Mary and Cal.

Mary had also written books about lost childeren.


Finally I was there: England. After more than 4 hours driving and on the boat to England I arrived in Dover and went away. At first it was scary to drive there and I pay attention all the way I hit the road. Everytime I told myself drive left. The roundabouts are different thinking also. Sometimes I did it wrong. I missed a turn right and ended almost in London. 

It was so great. I drove in small roads, visiting very old trees and beautiful gardens. Days after I feel my feet. 

I want to go back. It was so great

June 24

The day is almost over. Just come back from work. Sitting outside, hearing the cars passing by and somewhere music. People talking loud.

The moon is shining. My cats are sleeping. Time for me to go to bed but my head is full

July 19

Days flies by. 2023 is already beyond the line. 

I am writing in the dark and thinking on a lot of stuff. First about the writing. My dutch story is complete and a friend looks into it now. I must work on the cover, wish I did that. But work is demanding and it ask a lot of time. 

A few days ago I visit some old trees:

When you visit the thousand years of yews in England and then look at this young one, it is a world of difference.

But it was great to get outside and free from work.

My birthday I celebrated in Amsterdam

60 years! A big part of my life is gone. Maybe I live 10-20 years. Wow.

Yes Amsterdam. So crowdy.

On my treehomepage you see the trees I visit (working now on it) but you see here some touristspots (and I didnt visit it as much as I wanted)

September 26

Yesterday I went very early to England (more than 4 hours away) My home and the city sleeps. And now I am in England, again in Broome Park Hotel Canterbury. I visit yesterday the great church in Dover. Every church is great with their old yew trees.

It is early. And I think of my day today. A lot of trees to visit. I planned it too crowdly. As I say I am in the great hotel and again I stay in room Canterbury. I was hoping for another one. This one is great but old and it is here where I hit my head May this year.

A week Later...

Then I was packed my belongings, Then I cleaned my house and say goodbye to my cats, checke if I didnt forget anything. Now I am sitting here (last day free) and go back to morrow working. It was great and tired but faboulous. 

Canterbury was so great

More than a month later (oktober - november) I almost forgot how it was in London. ABBA Voyage

I Wish I could visit it once more. I must admit, England is in my body. Often I think when I was there and miss it so much. It feels like home. It cost really much money and my visit to London and the cab was also very expensive. Really expensive. 

ABBA Voyage. The magic and the music. Only memories remain. I hope I can see it again.

November 26

Autumn has arrived and the oak lost his golden leaves. This year has only 1 month and then we transfer to next year. I had a to do list and did a lot of it but not all. Work is asking so much of me and I am getting older, feel my body and wonder if I can do much visiting next year. 

England was so great. The travelling was very demanding and I had to remind to go on an adventure when worries overtook me. My first real vacation in years. Unfortunally I left my harp unused. A big regret. 

As always I wonder what next year bring and looking back on this year. 

Also watch Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Magical.