Diary 2021


Januari 1

Very early after I closed my work on December 31 I go to my work and it was very quiet. Everyone sleeps. On the streets a fire in a fireplace burning heavily. Everywhere firework trash. No car. It seems I was the only one. It was very cold. still freezing I guess. 2021 is here. Hopefully a much better year. Hopefully we get rid of covid-19.

Januari 15

Sitting in silence. With my old cat Oma who is very old right now. I try to spoil her. Today I feel old. I know my body cant do that much as 10 years ago. And 10 years later I can less the things I do now. Not much news here. Not much to say.

Januari 30

For some weeks I watched the TV Serie Northern Exposure. I love it. Unfortunally I watch now the last episodes of this great show, in Alaska. I will miss this little town.

March 8

After Northern Exposure I watch the Love in Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. I still love the magic of the show and the great acting. They create the wonderful world of New York around 1987. Yes, you can still order the great ending to set everything right Moviescript: http://www.cinemind.com/nodom/main.html

March 16

Walking and Enjoying the special trees in Arnhem


Really happy cause they are coming back.

Some tulips and  other plants growing fast.

July 13
We have a rainy day. The next days we get some more. Glad to say it is not that hot.

Finally ABBA gives a new albumThe Vogager!!
Such a great gift! Wonderful!!!!

Amsterdam was great. I visit a lot of trees but want soon come back cause I missed too much. It has been an long time, too long

I had to wait a day longer on the new ABBA album.
Took the day off last friday but there was no delivery. That happend a day later. Abba the Vogager.
Ofcourse it is ABBA. Tje innocence is gone, you hear experience, a life full of memories and basic music like folkmusic from Benny. All the love and mature combined. How life goes. You dont catch it after hearing and listening once. No,, It needs ten or hunderd or thousand times listening.
Surprices yes that too. Abba members are old. You hear that too.
It is a journey. For days to come I listen Voyager. This is so special almost sacred. A masterpiece that needs time. Abba The Voyage
November 21
Today marks the death of my beloved cat Sita. Still miss him
I lost a lot when I lost him
Today it is autumn Trees are bare and there are not much trees green
Yesterday I was visiting Amsterdam by bike Today I place the pics on my treehomepage

And again 2021 is almost at the end. Covid strikes again and again and again. I work a lot and hopefully we beat this round again.
But right now I am sitting on the couch with one of my cats and feel happy in my own circle of life.
As usual I listen to the top music we have every year on the radio.
Reflecting 2021
What will 2022 bring me?

Lovely fairysparkles effect from http://www.mf2fm.com