Diary 2020

It is very quiet now. Most people sleeps. 2020 is here. 

I must start now with some cleaning. With some music I like this job.

Januari 19. 


Only 4 years

I cant believe it. Suddenly he went very ill. More death than alive I brought him to the vet. Something was very wrong in his body. His liver was bad and his other organs too. My wonderful cat Sem. Last month Buffy and now Sem. I can't stop crying.

Februari 1

Last night I was reading the story of Elisia ( you can found it on this homepage) A long time ago I read the story that is unfortunally unfinished. Hope I bring the story till a good end. It really deserve it.  I still work but oh what a cold I have for almost a week now. I am really tissue needed and the pain in my body because of the couching I do. Often gasping for air after this. 

Meet my new friend TC. He is such a sweetheart. He is so great. He is at home now here and I am his biggest fan. After forcing feed he is really a nice cat who is shy at other cats and really huggely. 


And here is another cat. Mieke. Afraid of people. I took her cause Jennifer can use a friend after losses of two friends but Mieke is not yet ready.  I took this one under my bed. She has still a long way but that's ok.  Mieke

March 29
Corona is here and this is my 5th day I am at home.  Sometimes I go to the supermarket or yesterday I did a little tour but I spend most of my time to writing on my dutch books.  It is lonely but I can handle that. I have my cats and too much on my house to keep me busy. But I miss the trees, walking in the forest. yes we may still outside but keep distance everywhere.
I am afraid the worst is yet to come.

April 7

It is very quiet on the streets. It is strange to see the country like this.
Sometimes I have to work but when I am free I sit most of my time indoors and doing much but also doing nothing. I sit on the cough and see time passing by.

Just starting to read after some years Lord of the rings.  It is great to be back again in the world. 

MaY 15
With so many free days at my hand I love to travel and visiting trees. Sometimes I see wonderful things but sometimes my search brings me not what I want. It is good to be on the road and it feeds my travelling mind. Yesterday I saw a movie that hit me hard. It was The Way, really touchy. Travelling the "El camimo de Santiago"
Camino de Santiago - Wikipedia

May 26
With the lockdown I feel happy to go out and make tree trips. This I saw when I was passing through

Very Old Oak Ede

You can read more on my (almost full) TreePages

june 14

This week I visit a lot of trees. Some old friends I didnt see for a long time, some discovering and admire their greatness and age.

Sambeek. the oldest tree in the Netherlands

An oak in Boxmeer. More than 25 years ago a friend could get inside of the tree. My life was so different back then.

The oldest Chestnut, close to Nijmegen. It was set on fire in januari 2005. Glad it is still alive

A Very huge Platanus in Elden. Many of his branches are so thick as trees

A magic place. Graveyard Zaltbommel. 

More beauty here to find.

You can read more on my dutch treesite:  http://www.bomentijd.nl

And this are some. Wonderful. This kind of journeys brings peace to my soul.

Next week work start for me.

July 2020
No, I cant make it but I can buy it. This is a dollhouse and they are so cute. I dont have the patience to make them. Glad a Friend does that part for me

September 6

Life goes on. Even when you loose your job. Life goes on when your friends lost something precious. 

Life goes on when you face another view. Life goes on when there bad accidents happens. 

Life goes on when you sit on your couch and drink coffee. Life goes on when everything is turning upside down. 

Life goes on when a new day starts. Life goes on when death happens.

Life goes on when life stopped for me. Life goes on when you think about the past.

Life goes on when the Earth is on fire. Life goes on after the covid-19.

Life goes on when you change the view. Life goes on when you cooking something.

Life goes on


Roos is gone now.Roza Lana She passes by last week. She reached the age of 16 I think. For years she lived on the street and still trusted people. I miss her.  Everytime she visit me when I came in.. She loves to eat but she keeps on skinny under her bad fur. The price of living on streets. She was gentle and sometimes jealous when other cats gets attention. 

Rosa Lana. You will be in my heart forever.

When 2020 started I never thought we start with Covid19. But we did and so pity we end 2020 also with Covid 19

The Netherlands are in lockdown. Covid 19 cost a lot. I lost my job temporary and hope this is not the case. People die. People fight for their lives and we wear masks now. 

We have more nights, there is little daylight left. 

And as usual I ask myself what will 2021 bring?

The website is gone

+Had to dig up this webset made by Lady Care for Garden of Friendship. I bought it long ago. That was the past. The group and the tv serie belongs to the past+