This was my first (and the biggest) Woman Webring group I joined.

First I had to earn my wings. I can fly solo now!

For Supporting a fellow sister. this makes me so happy.


From Angel Chakeetha I received a Spirit Flower and: Hey there Regina, congratulations on being named the Angel of the Month :) Well done!!!
Love and Light ~*~Angel Chakeeta~*~

What a surprise! Didnt expect it. At first I thought they mixed up the names cause in my eyes I dont do that much for Wosib but this gift lift up my spirit and brings a smile on my face!

And this is why I become Angel of the Month: The second lady we have chosen has overcome many hurdles while she's been with us and we've watched her bloom and grow this month, she always does all the Support requests without fail and she's also made 2 fantastic Support pages this month that I'm sure have helped the recipients! Congratulations Regina

My site won the Bronze Award in November  2002. I wonder what its getting now! I change the look late November 2006.


At the start of 2003:For all the homeless animals out there, waiting, wanting a home. Some of them are lucky. Some of them not. I hope each animal finds a piece of luck before they fly to the rainbowbridge. See

JULY 2004.

 I was away for a few days and when I returned I received this in my mail:

Good morning ladies once again,

I would like to announce this months motm.  This member does her very best to support her sisters here at wosib. She volunteers when a call goes out for help in pages and even offers to make pages just because she feels it may help someone with what they are going thru. She has really grown since joining us here and we are so very proud to announce Regina as this months motm.

Thank you Regina for being the lovely, caring person you are and for being such a great source of support to your wosibfamily. You will find you award attached below.

I would also like to thank all of you for the hard work you do and for always being there to help your wosib sisters, you really do such important work and believe me it is so very hard each month to pick one member from all of you because you all really deserve it so here is a little thank you gift from the tlcSupport Staff for all of you as just our way of saying thank you and we appreciate you very much. Hugs,Sadie

And of course I am really proud!


Our Support Team motm always does the requests that come thru. She does more than her share as a page builder and when in a pinch she is there to help out. Please congratulate Regina for being this months motm.. Thank you sweetie for all you do and congratulations!


Proudly to recieve this from Paula cause I made her a supportpage!

What they think: 

Judges Comments:

On some pages the text is difficult to read against the background - particularly those on top of photo collage backgrounds, some graphics gave a blurred look, they weren't crisp and clear. The diary I really liked. It seemed to be more of a personal site so would maybe do better under a different category, the diaries were very nice.

I would strongly suggest she rethink her font and its various colors and backgrounds on all her pages, work on giving her music the ability to be turned off.

-November 2006 I changed the look-

October 2006 from the newsletter: Which brings me to our tlc Member of the Month.  She's a tireless worker and has kept us afloat many times when pages are needed in support, sending ecards, etc to our sisters in need, and is a wonderful lady.  Regina, we're talking about you!!!  Congrats on being named tlc. motm!!  I've attached your award hon...thanks so much for all you do!!!!


An Award for Signing the Guestbooks


(April 2007)

Dear Ladies
I am happy to to announce our supporter of the month,
She is a very lovely dear lady who is really doing
An awesome job in support..
She is signing guestbooks leaving lovely messages,
And sending support to all the ladies who
Is in need of some support of any kind......
She is also making pages for our dear sissys..
And she is also my dear assistant..
Who is this sweet lady do you think??
 Let's find out shall we?
Supporter of the month goes to......

Congrats dear,
It is very well deserved mi lady

In my heart I was hoping for more but still stick to Bronze


What the judge think about my site: 

Judges Comments:

ďI viewed this site on both IE and Firefox. Fonts were often very difficult to read due to size, font chosen, or background it was set on. Adjusting the font size on my browser helped somewhat. This site fit the category for which it applied. Navigation was easy, links were in good working order and pages opened quickly. Graphics used often appeared to be slightly out of focus or blurry which was distracting to my eye. Over all, I recommend a bronze award mainly due to the distracting font and graphics. It is quite hard on my eyes at least."

"Some of the graphics are so blurry I can't even make out what they are. Even though it is a beautiful font she used it doesn't blend well with the page and it is very hard to read. " 
Thank you and Congratulations!

I hoped for more... But for the 3th time Bronze...

birthday 2007http://www.reginajansen.nl/b2007.htm I ask for a set with prinses Diana cause it was 10 years ago she died on my birthday....

What I do for tlc: http://forwosib.bravehost.com/index.htm new June 2006

I had a beautiful page on topcities, a few years old, beautiful collection but suddenly (no reason given) topcities deleted it.....

  The page ive got when Truus died...



May 2008 Here I am co-head from the tlc garden.

Lady Natalie has more convidence in me than I have.


  Dear Regina
Wishing you the very best birthday with lots of
Joy and laughter,
Suprices and wishing your dreams and
Wishes comets true..
Enjoy your day dear..
  Love and hugs

 December 2008 from tlc Lady Nathalie:


Dear Regina


Congratulations and thank you so very much for everything you are doing and have done for Wosib TLC Garden and for sending our dear wosibsissys support and making them beautiful pages..

Thank you for being such perfect co-leader, without you this garden should not be what it is.. 

I am so happy you are in the garden and please know I do appreciate everything you are doing for this garden and for Wosib..

Also a big thank you for doing an outstanding job in the garden and for being assistant in support.. 

Attached is an award I just made you..

Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening..


Love and hugs Nathalie



Februari 2009 I went down with the flu. A huge part of februari I was sick or went sick again...

From my wosibsissies: http://getwellsoonregina.bravehost.com/index.html

Dear Regina,

 As a token of appreciation to the fact you wanted to be my March Spotlight Staff member I send you Ė as promised earlier - this tag as a gift.

 Lieve Regina,

Als dank voor je deelname aan het maart Spotlight interview, stuur ik je hierbij zoals beloofd je naam-tag.

 Love / liefs



Welcome to Spotlight Staff Member Regina

Please tell us about yourself & your family:

My family? Mm, If you refer to family I must say I donít have much contact with my family, for many, many years. I built another one. One with many animals (from shelters) cause I know how it feels when you donít feel wanted. About 5 years back I found a friend and now we live together. He has 2 sons from his past marriage and now I live in a mensworld :-) I had to deal with that and at first it wasnít easy. Now we get along and sometimes it is great and sometimes not that great. But that is life. My life is with ups and downs.

The family of my friend is great and with birthdays and so it is great to meet them! I have also a few friends I know for a long, long time. Sometimes we donít see each other for weeks but when we are together it feels like home!

What are your hobbies and interests:
Computer stuff. Making websets, writing. Doing a lot for WOSIB. signing guestbooks as a butterfly (advertisment see
http://www.guestbookbutterflies.nl When my computer crashes I feel so lost. It recently happened. More hobbies: writing some snailmail, reading books, writing stories (see my homepage), listening to music (Abba, years 70) walking in the forest, meeting special trees... Drinking coffee with cake with my special friend! Taking care of my animals. Sometimes gardening

Tell us a bit about where you are from:
I live in Holland, a small, crowded country in Europe. I live in the east, near the German border. Before we (my boyfriend and I) live together I live close to the forest and with my dog I walked there daily. Now we live in a small city and with the shopping it is easier but I miss the forest. That was my way of relaxing.

When did you joined wosib?
That was 6 years ago in October 2002. When I joined it was so difficult cause I didnít know anything. Made some mistakes also. Guess some ladies were pulling their hair out.... It was magical when I joined and first I chose the Literary garden but my English wasnít so great for writing poems so I dropped the garden and came on the TLC garden.

As a Staff Member within wosib what Gardens are you currently involved in and to what capacity:
tlc : I am for many years now. I love to make pages but the first ones where so bad... I stored them but that page on Bravenet is no longer.... Somehow Bravenet deleted it. Now I still store them on special pages. I make pages for ladies in need. I hope the pages will help them. I try to help Lady Nathalie. She is TLCís Garden head but I must say she does more, much more than I! When she takes a LOA she still supports me and I always count the days when she is back!

Have you been involved in any other gardens as Staff:
No. I stick to TLC. I donít have the time to do more...

Any other Gardens you were/are involved in:
only tlc.

What's the best thing about wosib and why:
Best thing is taking care. And when it is my turn to get Celebrations pages I smile from ear to ear. When I see the message in my mailbox that the page is ready and just the moment when I click on the link and the pages open up and I got to see how it looks like, wowww, a golden moment! Days I am busy to read all the messages and seeing all the gifts! Yes I vote for taking care of each other!

Anything else you would like to add:
Canít think of anything else!

Do you have a website?. Web address is:
Yes i do. Actually many but on
http://www.reginajansen.nl is my wosib story!

Thank you for telling us about yourself Regina, please accept the award that will be e-mailed to you, as a token for being in our spotlight!




Birthday http://www.reginajansen.nl/bd/reginapg1.htm 


What I do for tlc: http://forwosib.bravehost.com/index.htm 2006 -2008

http://wosibpages.bravehost.com/ 2008

March 2008: What I got: http://www.reginajansen.nl/page.htm

Februari 2009: http://getwellsoonregina.bravehost.com/index.html

So Nice and so Wonderful Thank You Wosibsisters!


Woman of Beauty and Inner Spirit

On march 2009 we got the message that Wosib is closing. It came out of the blue and it hits me hard. I guess a lot of ladies is. I knew Wosib gets a bit smaller but it was still going strong. But a huge group means a lot work from a leather and that was the reason of shutting down.

From October 2002 till March 2009 I was a member...

At first not a good one. I didnt understand it all and sometimes my work wasnt good but I learned and year after year I found my place here...

And the pages... When you got your birthday.... The moment you saw you have a page and wait just a minute to click on the page....

I really miss wosib...

Perhaps some ladies start and maybe I am in but for now I dont know...

For now I grieve and thinking of joining another group but I guess the highlights of womens groups are over... There is not much left...

I think I will decide in april.

Wosib: Women of  Strength and Inner Beauty

Dear Regina

 I hope you are fine..

The day is coming closer with the fact that Wosib will close it doors and how sad ever it is that is the truth..

As a thank you for everything you have done for Wosib tlc Garden and for always being there for your sissies in need please accept my gift..which is attached..

 Thank you so very much for everything you have done..

 Wishing you all the best..

I know we will still see each other in other groups..

Love and hugs




 Wosib close the doors on April 16 2009

Born out of wosib we have Wosib Lives

I never thought Wosib would close and for me it was so magical when I started

(was so blue at first, made a lot of mistakes)

It is over now....


December 2009....

Just placed the pages again on this homepage. I had to delete several pages cause they are not longer on internet.

What a great group Wosib was.... all those memories... I still miss them and there was a feel of magic around I still feel when I see it again!

2011: still miss it. How are the other members doing? Lady Nathalie died....


Birthday http://www.reginajansen.nl/bd/reginapg1.htm 


So Nice and so Wonderful Thank You Wosibsisters!