With My Old Beetle Heartbeat I drove a lot of miles, meeting all kinds of adventure and  we drove on many roads to get there and to come home again. I had this beetle from 1991 to 2007

Met mijn oude kever Heartbeat reed ik vele kilometers van 1991 tot 2007. Jarenlang bracht hij me naar de dagelijkse dingen, naar avonturen en naar ontelbare ontmoetingen



So many words are spoken
With tenderness we share
A Mother's Heart the answer
To every heartfelt prayer
Her petals soft and gentle
Awakening so warm
Glowing in the softest space
Her radiance transforms
Reaching in a pattern
That gives it's greatest shawl
Her beauty is the glory
Of treasures big and small
Through life her gentle essence
Will gather like a psalm
Life's peaceful inspiration
The heart of love's sweet calm.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 26, 2007

This set was the pre set for Hearttreasures. Still a part to find on http://angelregina.topcities.com/  Dit was een webset die ik lang gebruikte voor http://angelregina.topcities.com/.Het is nu veranderd in Hearttreasures