Lisa's story written by Regina 


One endless road. One white line that is going nowhere and she is on that. To an old car, a Dodge Dart, with only one door intact (luckily on her side) she drives on that line.

No one in sight for hours now. The car she drives in, is old and makes it's last miles. In the city she took the Dodge from a breaking yard and left the city. Only one headlight works, and the motor...nothing else. The car has lost it's color long ago.She leaves the big city in hope for something better. Living on the street is breaking her, especially when her best friend, her only friend died ; one overdose too many.  She left him with the needle still in his arm, took this car and left. leaving the city lights with all the troubles, the junks, the hookers and crime. She hopes for something better for her. But is there something for her? She doesn't expect anything from life. Only a place in life but will she find that?

Dark clouds are on the horizon and she drives to the darkness.

Feeling so lonely and desolated her whole life full of pain, foster parents, never a home, crime and drugs created a big black hole inside of her, and now she is desperate looking for her saving before she is lost forever, before there is nothing more, nothing left. Well, happiness couldn’t found her so she want to try happiness herself before its to late.

And now she is driving and doesn't know where to go, but no not back. Never go back. She is not a best driver but she can handle the car well. It is as if she is alone on this world, on this road. There is nothing to see, no houses, no trees, only a horizon that never seems to reach her.

Its cold in the Dodge. She drives with one cold hand, the other tries to get warm in her coat. An old cap on her head and the only clothes she has are the ones she wears: worn out, old clothes. She has no money left. The last money she had was yesterday and she bought food for that. She is hungry but that feeling she knows her whole life.

Seeing the horizon line she can hardly think and when she does is about him; Tom, her only and dead friend, leaving her where she is now. He was taking care of her, give what he could but one shot killed that. In a rush she left and now she is here. Where?

The sky is dark now and it's as if something pulls a string above cause the next thing is rain, rain and rain. The screen wipers are not working and she doesn't see anything.

Her reaction is too late and the next thing she knows she bumped into something she didn’t see. The car stands still and dizzy she wants to start the car again but the car won't start now. It’s dead. She tries and tries. Nothing. The rain falls and its as if she is locked up in the rain. Laying her head on the steering wheel she waits a while until the rain stops. Did she sleep? She doesn't know.

Under a heavy clouded nowhere land she found herself in the car wich has crashed into the only road sign there is for miles and she doesn't know if she should laugh or cry. The sign says: KATE’S PLACE 4 miles

For a long, long time she saw nothing, no house, no restaurant, nothing. So she decided to leave the car and go to Kate’s place, whatever that is. Feeling weak she’s getting out of the car and starts to walk. Only one time she looks behind, sees the Dodge sadly against the sign and suddenly she has that feeling that she miss a friend. She is really alone now. 

With tears in her eyes and great pain inside she walks on. When she looks again she doesn't see anything only a road that goes to the horizon. Its cold and the wind blows chilly through her clothes. She passes a dead rabbit on the road and walks down the road hoping for Kate’s place whatever that is.

Again rain is falling. First slowly and then harder and harder and soon she is wet. With the chilly wind she is soon wet and cold, so cold and she thinks she will stay forever ice-cold. The cold reaches till her bones and stays there. Feeling so miserable she walks on, dreaming of getting warm again. She is hungry and so cold, tired  and feeling so bad but still walking on. Hoping for ……

The rain attended her for miles and just stopped when she reached vertical lines. The road brings her to trees and a few houses. When she is reaching it she is too tired to noticed anything. A restaurant with a big parking place where a few cars and trucks stands marks life. A few houses stands near the road together with trees, but she only sees Kate’s place. A purple sign goes on and off showing "Kate’s plac". The last e is broke but she doesn't noticed that. Under a dark blue sky she walks up to the restaurant, passing a few trucks and cars wet from the rain.

She opens the door and country music, warmth and all kinds of nice smells together with the buzz are welcoming her. And there she is, seeing a huge room with a big bar, tables and chairs and a billiard table where some men are playing. It seems that everyone stops with what they are doing and look at her. She feels dizzy and hopes she will pass out but that doesn’t happen. She wants to say something but doesn't know what. Under her a wet pool is created. 

From behind the bar a woman went up to her and takes her by the hand. 'She will throw me out' is the only clear thought but that doesn’t happened. She and that women are leaving the bar and walked through a long hall to a shower that the woman putts on.

,,Take off your clothes” the woman said and with cold, stiff fingers she tried but she needs help from the woman that is doing this for her. And finally she is under the shower. Feeling the warmth of it it hurts her cold body but she doesn't mind. Slowly the freezing feeling disappears and only standing under the warmth the tears are running. For a long time she stands there not noticed the women brought something and finally she’s stepping out of the shower and finds an towel and starting to dry her red, glowing body. In the room filled with steam she finds strange clothes. She can’t find her old ones so she put the clothes on. A cup of soup is waiting for her and hungry she eats it, feeling much better now but she is so tired. In the hall she finds a couch and when she is lay down sleep is taking over.

Buzz sounds are waking her up and a bit confused she looks through the hall, then remembering it all. Someone has layed a blanket on her and she still feels very warm, one feeling which she likes. She stands up and take a look around. There is no one in the hall so she walks towards the buzz sounds. The restaurant is noisy now. Many people are there and she sees the women who helped her behind the bar, talking to a huge man. She doesn't know what to do and decided after a hesitate to walk to an empty little table in the corner and from there she looks at the crowd who are eating, drinking and having fun. And again she feels alone.

And now she is sitting here. What’s next? She doesn't know and with only a few hours sleep behind, she feels strange with a buzz in her head. She listens to the music that plays from a jukebox and the people, most men but there are also some women. Somehow she likes them but doesn't know why.

The restaurant is big but also survey able. In the corner she sees two pools. Around the place she sees big tables, covered with newspapers, magazines and even books. The bar is really huge and full of people. A few men plays  cards, other men are playing darts and a couple dances infront of the jukebox. They all are aged from 25 till 75 she thinks. And they don’t look that strange to her. She likes that.

A sound frightens her. The women behind the bar place a plate full of food and a glass of water before her and sits on her table.

,,Hi, I am Kate.” She has a strong, yet friendly face. Her almost gray hair is short cut and her eyes looks warm at her.


,,Jimmy found your car and placed it here but its broken and need to be fixed.”

Lisa starts to eat again hungry. She worries a lot about the money, she doesn't have it so how will she pay for this all? Without a car she can’t run away. Or should she steal one? One look to Kate she dropped that option. The women sitting opposite to her is so nice and it’s her hazel brown eyes that brings out the good she has inside her.

,,That will take a while 'cause we don’t have the parts here so if you want you can stay here until your car is ready. So I have a deal for you. You can work here part-time so you have enough time to earning money for your car and I pay you 100 dollar a week, you get free food and a place to live.”

Lisa stops eating and looks at the woman, then to the restaurant. Working here? It’s a long, long time since she had worked. Then again she looks at Kate and somehow she decided; ,,Okay but I can leave whenever I want.”

Kate nodded. ,,And when you don’t work that well I can make you leave.” Her words are friendly spoken but Lisa understands she can’t fool this woman. ,,Okay.”

Kate stands up. ,,Tonight you sleep on the same place. It’s not meant to be but I can’t leave here now. Tomorrow I bring you to your new home. Do you want something else to drink or eat?”

,,Cola would be fine.”

Kate leaves and Lisa stops eating and looks through the restaurant; to the walls hanged full with cards, pictures, asking for a closer look. And knowing she will start to work here makes her a bit scary. She is not a people person. ,,I can leave whenever I want. I can leave now if I want.” These words she spoke to herself calmed her and give her a bit strength. She drinks her glass of water and starts to eat again. Tomorrow a new start in her life will begin.

 The rest of the evening people come and go and stay. The greetings they received are well meant. Lisa sees Kate working hard, talking, laughing and sometimes she talks with the cb. Kate brings her a coke and a few newspapers and leaves.

When it's eleven o’clock Lisa leaves the restaurant and walks through an empty hall. She takes a look outisde and see the dark road, the restaurant-parking full of trucks and cars and a truck leaving the parking place and hits the road. From where she stands she can’t discover her car.

When she looks at her right she sees a few houses. But the light is too dim to see more. Lisa stares at the parking place, her eyes following the leaving truck and with the buzz of the restaurant on the background she feels sad and suddenly the tears are back again. Still she sobbed with the loss of her friend back in town and her past. A sound makes her alarmed and in a hurry she goes into the bathroom where she was before and washes her face with water then looks into the mirror, sees her face, her hair needs a haircut and good care. Lisa finds her place back to the couch in the hallway and lies on the blanket and wants to think clear but she can’t. She can’t make a clear picture of tomorrow.

She can’t remember that she felled a sleep again but sometimes she woke up just to fall in sleep once again  When she turned over in her sleep she wakes up again and see through the empty hall with only a small light burning and the purple light of 'Kate’s Plac' is giving the hall a purple glow. At the end of the hall also a emergency exit-light burns.

The next thing she knows is that someone is shaken her lightly. ,,Wake up girl.” Slowly and not knowing what's going on Lisa wakes up and see Kate. ,,Sorry for waken you but there is a lot to do. I have another pair of clothes for you in the bathroom and breakfast is waiting for you.” ,,mmm.” Lisa gets up , seeing Kate disappear and with a funny feeling in her stomach she takes a shower. -It has been long since she takes showers that much- and finds jeans and a sweater. This time she cleaned the room behind her. The clothes suits her she sees in the mirror, so almost with a smile she goes to the restaurant and till her surprise it's empty now. Kate sits at the bar and reads a news paper. Lisa joined her and eat a sandwitch and coffee. Sunlight is reaching the restaurant and to Lisa it seems this day will be a day full of surprises. She sees the road and the almost clear blue sky and now this looks like a friendly place.

The clock on the wall tells her it’s half past eight. 'Whow, that early?' Kate sees her looking at the clock and nodded; ,,this is a spare moment for myself. Soon the first costumers will be here. In fact this place is sometimes more than 24 hours open. Here we have a lot of regular costumers that comes here; salesman, truck drives, name it. Upstairs I have a few overnite rooms available for them. They are all taken now so that’s why I had no room for you last night. It’s your job to cleaned them.” Kate takes Lisa with her to the kitchen where a man stands. ,,This is George’s kitchen.” George is a middle aged man with weary hair and he shakes Lisa’s hand, looking at her with cop’s eyes. ,,He cooks and you support him.” Kate turn to George. ,,This is Lisa and she helping me. I’ll be back with a couple of hours.” Somehow Lisa doesn't know what to think about George.

They leaving the kitchen through the backdoor where there is also a parking place and Kate sees her car on a corner, next to two big containers and the broken light , the dent and particularly the vague, rusty, color makes the car sad. Kate starts a big pickup truck and when Lisa is sitting in it she drives to the road and turn right to the place where the houses are standing.

Till Lisa’s surprise she sees a village. On a big street, cars are parked before houses, a couple of people are walking by together with a child. An almost white horse is waiting patiently before a house. Kate parked the car in front of a huge store and Lisa followed her inside where she enters a full store. They have everything here. Lisa sees all kinds of things; food-clothes-books. Name it and you can find it here. ,,You may buy things for yourself here. I pay for it and deduct it from the money you earn. Okay? You don’t have to buy food and cleaning stuff. I have that with me.” Lisa nodded and walked away looked around the store, seeing all kinds of things and she want it all.

,,May I help you?” A soft spoken voice reach her ears and as Lisa turns around; wanting to say “no thank you'' when she sees a very, very old lady. Her face all wrinkled. The lady wears a extraordinary dark purple attire with all kinds of things on it and when Lisa sees her she likes her at once. ,,Eh yes I want to buy some clothes and more.” The eyes look at her and the lady takes Lisa to behind the store and its there that the friendship starts. To her own surprise Lisa told a bit about her lost childhood and how she  end up here. She opens up herself and its easy to do that to that old lady. Rose is her name. Half an hour later later Lisa went back to Kate, fully packed with clothes, make up stuff and a few books, music tapes and all things that she took on advise from Rose together with an invitation to return very soon to her for a visit.

Kate is waiting outside, smoking a cigarette, going through her mail when Lisa gets in the truck, together with her bags and then Kate starts the truck, driving backward and drove on. She takes the small road and Lisa sees houses, and very small and decay church. A big truck is parked on the road. The houses are making room for trees and a very small river that vanish in a little lake. A few houses are standing near the road that grows smaller and turns into a sand path. ,,If you want to go to the restaurant.” Kate slows down and point her a small path. ,,You take this one. It leads directly to the restaurant.” She drives on and stoppes infront of a small log cabin. “This is your place as long as you stay here. I own it.”

Kate gets out and opens the door with a key she takes from under an empty flowerpot. Lisa looked at the brown cabin when she is slowly getting out of the car. A real house for her. Its surrounded by trees and next to the cabin she finds wood. She goes inside and sees that Kate is making a fire in a fireplace. A chair and a table, made of wood stands in front of a dirty window. An empty bed stands at the other side of the cabin. A wardrobe stands next to the bed. A huge chair stands infront of the fireplace and when a small fire is burning Kate goes outside and takes a box with cleaning stuff and her bags with her wich she places on the table.

,,A shower you can take in here. When the water tank is almost empty you must warn me.”  A huge spider is sitting on the wall of a small shower cabin and Lisa scares. ,,Please remove the spider''. With big eyes she sees that Kate  smiles and take the spider with her hand and throw it outside a small, also dirty, window.

,,Be glad they are there 'cause they eat mosquito’s.” She close the shower door. ,,There is an arregater outside but it needs to be repaired , it can stop anytime. But I took candles with me. So what do you think?” Lisa look around, feeling the warmth already from the fireplace and suddenly she is feeling rich because she finaly has a home. ,,Thank you. I clean it right away.“ Kate smiles and Lisa likes her that way. ,,When you get hungry I see you at the restaurant.” With these words she leaves and Lisa hear the truck starts and see Kate driving away.

The silence is falling now. In her life Lisa always heared city sounds and now its so quiet here. So the first thing she does is turn on the radio. Blues music fills the room and Lisa is taking a good look around and starts to clean with the radio is playing out loud. Luckily she doesn't find more spiders and when everything is cleaned and fresh smells fills the cabin, she takes a break looking 'round her place, switch the radio that plays on battery’s on to another channel that has more pop songs and finally unpacked her stuff she bought very cheep. She moves some things and finaly looking satisfied at her first home she has now. Kate left some instant coffee and she makes it in the kitchen-corner, poking up the fire and drink it. It don’t taste that well but it's her first self-made coffee so she drinks it all up.

The next thing she does is walk outside the cabin. She finds a big fallen tree behind her house. The wood goes on but Lisa doesn't dare to walk that far, afraid to get lost so she returns to her cabin and turn off the radio. Silence falls again around her. Some birds are singing there songs. Lisa is feeling lost and her decision to go to the restaurant is easily made.

With a dying fire leaving behind she carefully close the door and take the key with her and walked up to the path Kate showed her. The weather is almost nice and slowly she walked on that path that twist a little. A few trees; as sculptured is getting her attention. They are so beautiful. She passes flowers, hear birds and knows that life is beautiful now.

The path she is following is small but good to follow. She passes a small river that disappears in the woods. After minutes of walk she enters the parking place at the back of Kate’s restaurant. She sees that there are more visitors now. A few big trucks, big cars and a van are waiting behind the restaurant. And her car is still standing on the same spot. Lisa look at the place and before she knows a smile is on her face. A smell hangs in the air and it takes a minute before she recognize it; the smell of fresh baked bread. She hurries to the kitchen and sees George and Kate there working in the kitchen. The big dresser that takes one side of the kitchen is full of goldbrown bread that is cooling off. ,,It smells wonderful” admit Lisa. George who is working on the paste doesn’t give her any attention. ,,Every Wednesday we bake bread’’ Kate said . ,,You can take some with you.” She looks up to George. ,,You can handle it from here. I show Lisa what she must do tomorrow.”

She walks up to Lisa, wiping her hands to her apron and take her to the hall to the closet and shows her the cleaning equipment. ,,Here you can find everything. Upstairs you find the same stuff nearby the stairs. When you  arrive you first clean the hall and the toilets and the shower nearby the restaurant. Then you go upstairs……” They walked up the stairs and when they arrived on the first floor Kate shows Lisa the closet with the same cleaning stuff. ,,And here you do the three rooms with the toilets and showers. If you want you can take a break and you're welcome to get coffee and bread in the restaurant. I expect you do the job good and be ready at about eleven o’clock. Then you can help George in the kitchen till about one o’clock and then the rest of the day is yours. If you want food you can take it from the kitchen. You can always eat here, that’s no problem. Tomorrow I pick you up at half past seven in the morning is that allright?” Lisa looks through the hall and think about the 'every day cleaning', a job that doesn't look that fine, but today with her new home and the rich feeling that is given her she said ,,yes, I understand.”

Kate walks with her to the first room door. ,,The rooms are usually un occupied when you arrive here but sometimes they are. Then you see a 'Don’t Disturb card' hanging on the door latch. That day the room doesn't need any cleaning.” She pointed to the door next to the cleaning closet. ,,That is my room and you don’t have to  clean it. Most of the times it is locked.” She walks down the stairs followed by Lisa and when they come in the restaurant Lisa sees again many people, most of them are men; truckers by the look of it and Kate is getting behind the bar and give her some coffee wich she grateful accepted.

At the same moment a huge man enters the restaurant and is taking his seat next to Lisa.

,,Hi Kate, the usual please.”

Smiling at him Kate gives him beer and write on a piece of paper the word Rob and pass this to George who is greeting Rob also and then went on with the order.

,,You’re early.”

,,The wonderful smell let my truck run faster.” Lisa looks at him and its clear that they are special friends.

,,This is Lisa.” Kate noddes to Lisa. ,,She works here in the mornings, helping me out.” Rob turns to her and shakes her hand with a firm but tender grip. Lisa likes him at once. He looks like a bear, that big as he looked and yet friendly, and his age must be about 40 years. ,,Then you see me a lot here. This is my second home. I am Rob.” ,,Lisa. What is your first home?” Rob points out to an enormous truck outside. ,,That is.” Lisa smiles. She should have known.

The hours went by very fast. Talking with Rob, meeting him is very sociable. On his invitation Lisa learn a bit to play pool, playing dart and she meets also some other truckers, the quiet one Jack and one they called JP. She eats with them and when darkness comes, and Rob leaves, she say goodbye and leaves also just before the darkness falls at the restaurant.

,I’ll pick you up at half past seven.” Kate gives her some bread and Lisa runs fast to the wood behind the restaurant and take a look to the restaurant and smiling she finds her way home.

The fire went out and she tries unsuccessful to make the fire burn again. When Kate did it, it looked so easy and she can make only smoke. With a little light on she climbs in bed made of wood, and looks around her place. What she is feeling now must be happiness, it feels wonderful. She turned the light off and went to sleep, smelling the bread she left in the kitchen.

In the middle of the night some sound is awakening her. At first she doesn't remember where she is and then it all comes back. It's really dark and she tries the light but it doesn’t work. It can’t be half past seven, she thinks and turns around to get more sleep, then she heares that sound again. Something is on the porch!

And she didn’t lock the door! Scared she wants to sleep again to forget, but fear has joined her and sleep is gone. Again there is that sound as if someone is walking there. She freezes, trying to see anything but it’s too dark for that. What must she do?

She tries to get the light on but still it refuses. They really should fix the battery arregater.   Lisa went very slow and frightened out of her bed and reach for the candles she left on the table. But she cant feel matches to lit them. And she doesn't dare to get outside 'cause who it is that is outside, makes a lot of noise and doesn't hide his presence. What can she do? Yell? Nobody will hear her. Run for the restaurant? She doesn't dare to go outside.

So she is sitting in the chair with the poke in her hand and also wrapped a blanket, she took from the bed, around her to protect her against the cold. Every sound around her frightens her and for the rest of the night she cant sleep.

The next morning Kate finds her sleeping with the blanket still wrapped around her, the poke laying on the floor. She wakes her up and Lisa frightens up. ,,Someone was here.” Kate doesn't understand her. ,,What do you mean?” ,,Someone was trying to get in here.” Kate sits down. ,,You probably heard a animal.”

,,A wolf or a bear.” Lisa stands up. Every shadow is not scary anymore. In the daylight everything is friendly again. ,,No, here are no wolves or bears. Maybe a rabbit or a raccoon.” The big fear Lisa had has a little name, given by Kate.

But in the night everything seems so real. Yes she wasn’t used to the nature. All her life she was in the city and that was never silent. The city doesn’t sleep. It has it's own sounds; people, cars, music and sirens but here the night is silent and every sound is so weird and frightened when you are not used to that.

Lisa sees her cabin when Kate is driving away and the trees are friendly in the early sunrise and again she feels almost peaceful while Kate is driving to the restaurant. The little town is waking up. Some people are walking on the street, waving to Kate’s truck and Lisa feels so silly about her stupid fear of some unrecognizable sounds.

After her breakfast the fear of the night is almost disappeared and Lisa start to clean the rooms upstairs. It’s not easy for her. Much time she spend on one room and then she must hurry to get the rest done. Sometimes she looks out of the window and see cars or a truck on the road. Many cars stops by the restaurant.

When it's ten o’clock Kate is bringing her coffee with cake and then Lisa is moving to the kitchen. George is there already, unloading Kate’s car and sometimes bring food to the restaurant.

Without Kate’s present in the kitchen, working with George isn’t easy. Lisa is sure George doesn’t like her and in her eyes she must do stupid things. She hoped that she was going to cook but she must clean things and George  doesn't let her near food. When the clock tells Lisa that it’s one o’clock she is really happy to leave George and with a breef goodbye she go outside and decided to go to Rose.

It’s cold outside and in a hurry she walks to the mercantile, but she sees that someone else is standing behind the counter when she enters the shop. Dark eyes in a dark face makes that she hesitate ask for Rose. A bright smile shows her the way upstairs, enter an almost hidden door behind the counter. Even the stairs are decorated with paintings and books and little lights that makes the stairs almost magical. In a dark corner there is a chair and a black cat is sleeping there when Lisa passes by.

She knocks on a door and enters a very big room. Surprised Lisa stands astonished and looks around. A Soft classical music and a very sweet smell fills the room that is also full of paintings, sculptures, books, big chairs, many photo’s of people from other places and she finds poetry everywhere and she swear that every color is in this room.

Rose looked up from behind an easel and now she wears a yellow orange dress. With a warm welcome she let Lisa feel beloved. While Rose makes a pot of tea Lisa is sitting on a couch next to another sleeping cat wich looked up to her for a few moments to her and continue the sleeping. But when Rose is sitting with the tea the sleeping cat wakes up and choose to sit on Rose’s lap enjoying the strokes Rose is giving and the purring fills the air. It’s been quiet a while since Lisa finds a rare peace feeling in that. She looks around and drinks her tea and enjoy Rose’s place.

Then she talked about the problems she have with George and that she couldn’t sleep in the cabin at night. She opens her heart to this special old lady and tells her everything. Then again silence followed and Rose nodded and start talking ,,George’s life is the kitchen. He lives in it. He is a wonderful cook and when you taste his food you taste his heart. And suddenly you came on his crown property. What would you do if you were George? My advise is; be honest to him, try to get him on your side in a good way, do everything with a smile and give him some space.

And you are frightened in the night? Mmm you’re a city girl. What are you afraid of? Someone who comes at night to kill you? That has never happened here. Killed by an animal? Its now 8... no 7 years ago we lost Bob. He went hunting and he fell off a hill and broke his neck. That’s it. We have wild animals here but they never come that close to this place. So why are you frightened? If you still are you can take a dog but you must take care of the dog also; giving him food and walk with him. So think about it. I know Ted have a few dogs, you could take a look there if you want.”

Lisa must think about the words Rose gave her, and Rose let her. After a few moments Rose stands up and starts painting again. Not long after that Lisa joins her. She looks at what Rose's doing and it effects her also. Apparent Rose sees that and looks at Lisa. Then she places an empty canvas on another easel and gives her paint and brushes and with a smile she said ,,paint.”

With big eyes Lisa looks at the empty canvas and to Rose and try also listen to her creative part in her that is such a chaos. Hesitated she tries to come up with a good idea but nothing is coming up. Rose let her be, said nothing and she smiles when she sees that the peaceful sphere does something with her. She wants to see what Lisa is painting but she suggest the feeling to only watch her.

Lisa’s actions and expressions on her face is much fun to watch. Then when the music stopped and silence fill the room Lisa also stops and looks at Rose. ,,It’s not finished yet but may resume tomorrow?" ,,Yes of course.” Rose went to the painting and sees that Lisa has painted a woman’s face who looks like Lisa. She smiles and recognised talent. ,,But I have another idea. You can borrow the easel and paint and brushes so you can work at home. When this is dry we can also move this to your home but first let me give you also this empty canvas.” Heavenly surprised and with tears in her eyes Lisa looks at Rose. ,,Really, thank you. It’s the nicest thing someone did it for me.” Poor child, Rose thinks. She hugs her before she gather the necessary things for her paintjob.

With a hesitate Lisa asked ,,how can I get these things to my home? And how about the dog?” Rose sees her fear of the night. ,,Jimmy can help you with that. Pick some things and walk with me.” She leaves the room and Lisa  takes the empty canvas and the brushes with her and follow her walking down the beautiful stairs. Below Rose talks to Jimmy who is filling an empty shell and he nodded and point to an old bumped and little truck and said to Lisa; ,,put that in there. Its not locked.” Lisa hugs the old lady a little bit clumsy 'cause she is not used to that and went to the truck and very soon Jimmy follows her with the rest of the things.

He starts the car and follow the road, leaving Rose’s place behind. Lisa was never on this side of the town and she looks very curious outside the window. She sees more houses, sometimes a farm and then the houses make room for meadows and trees and the empty horizon she remembers from her drive. Now it’s frightening her...all that space, the nothing.

Lucky enough Jimmy turned right into a small sand path that brings them to a farm. The barking of some dogs are  welcoming them and an old man with white long hair in a ponytail and a white beard shows up and walks to Jimmy, giving him a welcome. Lisa steps out of the car and look at the dogs who are sniffing to Jimmy and the car and then to her but she ignored the dogs, looking to Jimmy who walked with the man upto the house. ,,Lisa come.” Jimmy calls her when they almost reach the door. Lisa follows and finally inside the man turns to Lisa and shakes powerful her hand. His eyes are heavenly blue. ,,I am Ted Brown. You want a dog?” ,,Yes, I am Lisa.” In the corner of an thrifty furnitured room, a black Shepherd is lying there on an old couch and is looking to Ted with devotion in his eyes. ,,This is Forest. A four year old dog. She don’t give much problems.” Suddenly Lisa is afraid that Ted ask money 'cause she doesn't have any. She looks to the dog who is very big and has black in her eyes and she can’t image they would be friends. But she feels save 'cause the dog looks frighten enough to scare people. ,,I take her but ohh I don’t have any food for her” she realised that suddenly. ,,Don’t worry about that. Forest eats everything and I give you some dog food. Take good care of him.” Ted put the dog to the lead and gives that to her. And now Lisa is an dog owner but before she is used to that Forest stands up and pulls to the lead and Lisa, not used to the dogs power, let the dog lead go. Jimmy takes it before Forest gets the chance to walk away. ,,Thank you.” Lisa said. Then Jimmy gives the dog lead to her. She holds her grip when they follow Ted who puts dog food into Jimmy’s car and they leave with Forrest on the front couch. Lisa feels so stupid cause she didn’t say thank you to Ted. But Jimmy did that already for her and they drove away to the living world.

,,You are the person that brought my car to Kate?” She turns to Jimmy, ignoring the whimper sounds Forest make. ,,Yes.” Jimmy takes the short cut, Lisa noticed. ,,Can you help me fix the car?” Jimmy looks at her for a short moment and after a few seconds he nodded. ,,I will give it a try but your car is asking money for repair. I must order some parts and you must help me. I also ask a little money for my time. You can pay me or you can help Rose in the shop when I am repairing your car. We can talk about it, later.” It sounds reasonable for Lisa and she agrees. ,,Okay. Maybe you soon can order the parts my car needs.”

Jimmy is driving the car into the woods and sometimes his old truck shakes because of the holes in the old road. ,,I let you know when I know what you need and how much it costs.” Lisa tries to ignore Forest when she looks to Jimmy. ,,Thank you.” Now these words are easy for her.

Jimmy stops almost in front of her cabin and helped her unload the car with the paint stuff she got from Rose and  drives away when Lisa enters her cabin she also commanded Forest inside. She gives it water which he drinks with a lot of noise. She free it from the lead and gives the easel a good, central place in her little home. Then she sits down and looks at the dog who is sniffing through her home. And then she realised she has her own dog. In her life she never took care of something and suddenly she has her own dog. Deep inside her she is afraid of the care and yes; also of the dog. It looks so big, it could kill her but all Forest is doing is lay in front of the door. And then she feels peaceful to have a dog, feels a little love inside her. It’s strange to have a companion and just before the night comes she walks with Forest who is easily following her. When she calls him, she strokes it a little insecure but it gives her a peaceful feeling.

That night she slept very well. Sometimes she heared sounds but Forest shows no fear and sleeps with her on the bed. It's presence gives her safety.

The next day. Before she goes to work she walks with Forest, give him food and lock him up in the cabin. She hurries to the restaurant, knowing she is late and have to work hard. This time she doesn't help George in the kitchen. She hardly sees Kate and George, thinking of her life and this little place. When it's time to go, she left the restaurant and hurry back to her place. She finds Forest sleeping on her bed, and she took him again for a long walk discovering the woods, seeing magical places and enjoying the fresh smell. Luckily she finds her way home. In her heart she was afraid she got lost but she finds her cabin without much problems. There she turns on the radio again and try to paint but somehow she doesn't really want to do that. She wants to visit Rose but she don’t want to force herself to Rose. Going to the restaurant to play some pool? Somehow she doesn't dare to go there. She feels so alone.

Sitting in the chair, looking at the sleeping Forest she feels so empty. She has a home now but now she don’t feel that she fits in that. She can’t relax, she is missing the action, the people. She turns off the radio cause the music is bothering her but the silence is even more heavy, so she escapes her home. Leaving Forest she walks undecided to the village, she sees the houses and the people in it and suddenly feeling so jealous 'cause they have someone. She misses Tom so much now. Would he like to walk next to her? She realise she don’t know much about him. The church, empty and lost, surrounded by graves, some crooked and some broke is calling her and she walks up to the graves, reading the lines;… beloved wife Sarah……rest in peace Eddie……and while she is reading and walking she feels even more sad so in a hurry she leaves the graveyard. A women who passes her by, greets her and she greets back. When she arrives on the main street and sees the store of Rose she hesitates. What should she do? A huge truck she sees at the end of the street and hasty she walks back, she doesn't want to be spotted by Rob. Feeling lonely she walks back to her cabin and makes a little fire, and drinking some coffee. Staring in the fire that is already dieing she feels her tears running. Suddenly a knock on the door. Forest starts to bark and Lisa gets frightnend. She wipes off her tears and yells; who is it?”

,,It’s me Rob.” Strange she didn’t hear a truck. ,,Coming.” Lisa hopes that he doesn't see that she was crying. She opens the door and Forest at once jumped towards Rob. He is not afraid of the dog, welcomes Forest, and Lisa sees he is better with dogs than she is because Forest listens to him. ,,would you like to join us in the restaurant?” Lisa wants to but she doesn't show that. ,,Where is your truck?” she ask to buy more time. ,,At the parking place. I can’t get out here if I drive to your house. My truck is too heavy. Would you like to come with me to the restaurant?” ,,I can’t leave Forest.” ,,Then we take him with us.” The fact that Rob especially came to get her and doesn’t ask her about her crying face makes Lisa want to go. ,,Okay.” Lisa is getting her coat and joins Rob who let Forest walk next to him.

They walk to the restaurant and Lisa feels very comfortable when she walkes with Rob. He makes her feel good and she loves that feeling. They don’t talk but that’s all right 'cause she enjoys the walk with him and it’s as if she noticed how lovely the path is, almost magical. Rob’s truck is standing in front of the parking place. Lisa looks at it and admire the great size the truck has. If she only could drive it. Inside she spotted JP and Kate laughing and talking at the bar. The music is playing loud country songs and Lisa feels at home here. They walked up to the bar and Lisa enjoys the funny stories JP and Rob are telling. They eat, laugh and Forest lies at Lisa’s feet.

The next day Kate’s Place is almost empty. There are no visitors and even George has his day off. Kate spend her time behind the bar, reading newspapers and hardly noticed Lisa. Lisa works upstairs but she doesn't clean much. She walks through the rooms and look outside where it’s raining. Now Kate’s Place looks so decay and ugly. The only thing Lisa can think of is to travel again. But her car is still broke. She decided to get soon to Jimmy and want to ask him if he could fix her car very soon.

The road is empty and the lights on the parking place looks so poor. Rob and JP are gone and it seems to her they took away the sociability. Lisa walks through the hall and suddenly sees that the door to Kate’s rooms is open. There is no sign from Kate herself so Lisa walks in and take a curious look inside. A huge desk is standing in the corner and on that desk she sees a lot of money that Kate was counting. With a shaky feeling Lisa gets the money and wild ideas to leave in a stolen car is running through her mind. She hides the money in her jeans and walks very silent through the hall. There is no one in sight so Lisa walks silently to the restaurant, sees Kate at the bar on the phone and she is almost crying, and Lisa leaves through the kitchen. Her heartbeat runs fast. At the door she stands still and try to force her heart to cool down. She resist the impulse to count the money she has stolen. Her fingers are shaking and she feels so bad. And why is Kate crying? She runs into the forest, pass her old Dodge and look behind. No one is coming after her. No one noticed that she stole the money.

But she feels so quilty, remembering how nice Kate was to her and the laughing of Rob and the peace Rose gives her. But on the other side, this is the change to get out, to find a place under the sun. And for that she needs a car. She looks at Kate’s car. Another chance so she runs to Kate’s Buick. And yes the keys are in the lock. What a luck. But Lisa looks at Kate’s Place. It’s still raining and she thinks about the image of Kate at the phone.

On the road Rob’s truck is coming. She looks at the road and again her heart is knocking so loud that she thinks everyone must hear that. Slowly the truck drives to the parking place and feeling so heavy Lisa walks inside and goes to the bar where Kate is looking outside, she has stopped crying but her eyes look so sad. Lisa can’t watch her. She lays all the money on the bar saying “I am sorry” and leaves when Rob enters the restaurant.

Despite the rain Lisa walks to her dodge and sits in it. Her eyes are filling with tears. What a fool she is, stealing from people who wants to help her. What must they be thinking? How will they talk? 'Its time to leave' she decides but she stays in the car, do nothing and staring in the rain.

She frightens up from the lost within her when Kate gets in the car. Kate first says nothing. She only pulls the blanket she wears closer to her. And Lisa knows why 'cause its cold at that side of the car. There is no door in it.

She cant hardly look at Kate. First there is a silence. Only the rain is breaking the silence between these two woman. Then Kate turns to Lisa and grab her hand, holding it. That gives Lisa courage and she look up to her, seeing that the age is showing; the grey lines in her hair, the wrinkles but also the clear eyes resting to her.

,,You know. When I took you in I knew you where looking for a home” Kate softly speaks. ,,I also knew it wasn’t easy for both of us. I offer you a chance and you took it. You have that chance still in your hands because you are honest.”

,,But please don’t tempt me with the money again.” Lisa is afraid that she cant resist the second time. ,,You pass it again.” Kate is striking her hair. And Lisa is melting. ,,Why didn’t you send me away?” Kate smiles. ,,Because when you walked in the restaurant that was the moment I met myself in the past. My life  wasn’t easy eighter and sometimes still isn’t. I was a runaway, always looking for trouble, being pregnant when I was still a child, stealing, dealing, fighting and being hurt inside, hurting other people. Name it and that describes me. Then I met my husband and he shows a world that became my home. My husband has died for 3 years now. He and Rob where close friends and Rob and I became close friends. It was Rob who gives me this restaurant. It's not a beautiful place but it's a home and the people around here are nice and not judging. I have friends now, and a home so I am rich. Life has taken much but gave me a home and friends and love. I am grateful of that. My rolling days are over.  And now it’s up to you. It’s not easy but its worth fighting for.” And with these words she leaves Lisa in the dodge in the rain. Lisa closes her eyes and cry.

Again she thinks of her death friend Tom who never found his home. She looks at the restaurant and leave the car, walks through the rain to her cabin. She let Forest out for a walk, took a shower and makes a fire and feels the whole time that special feeling inside. With the radio playing country music she sits infront of the fire and sometimes a tear is running down the cheek. Sometimes she taste the salt and think about the words Kate spoke to her.

Yeah she will stay here a bit longer to learn more about life, to follow her destiny and she feels that she found friends who care about her. Grateful she feeds the fire and cherish the warmth of it. It almost fill the black space in her.

The next day Lisa is working hard to make up for her mistakes and to get Kate’s mercy. When she is upstairs, working alone everything is smoothly but after a break when she is working in the kitchen she feels that she is in the way with George. Everything she does for him goes wrong. She breaks glasses, dropped food on the floor by accident and when George is yelling at her, she cracks up and runs away. She bump into Kate and Kate holds her. ,,Wait, what’s wrong here?” She sees the mess George already cleans. ,,Ah I see. Sit down Lisa and you too George. I think we better talk about this.” George wants to say something but Kate looks at him very warned and till Lisa’s surprise George sit down. With a hesitate Lisa follows and Kate is leaning at the table looking at both in front of her.

,,This is not going to work well. George, a while ago you ask for help in the kitchen. You have one now and she is not allowed to help you. And Lisa, I think you try too hard. Please play it cool. You both have to find a way to work together and I suggest you do that from now on. Make a pie together.” With these words Kate leaves and there is a silence in the kitchen. George cleans the mess and looks at Lisa. ,,Kate means that” he said. Lisa nodded. George starts to get the things they need. ,,Let me teach you how to make a pie. Can you get the apples for me?” At first they start slowly but after tasting there is more smiling and a new start of a friendship. Behind the bar Kate smiles when she heared the laughter of George and Lisa.

With a deep concentration Lisa works at her paintings. Most of the time she struggles to get the painting right. She is surrounded with paint, sketches, mostly hasty trying on papers and a few on canvas. The woman’s face she has made is ready but around the face she paints a cabin, a tree and people standing there. It's hard to paint the natural change over from hair to the cabin or the people. She spend much time to get the right colours. She paints the flowers she loves but the people figures are difficult for her to paint. Finally she stopped and tired she looks at the painting from a distance. She sees mistakes but also the good of the painting. And she can’t help it to be proud of what she had made.

It’s busy at the restaurant and Kate and George are working hard. Lisa cleans the rooms and suddenly she sees Jimmy by her car. Lisa suddenly realized that the car looks so poor, so broke. The dodge is still important to her 'cause the car is still a ticket to leave, to escape. She looks at Jimmy and what he is doing. First she wants to walk to him, to help or hear what’s wrong with the car and offer him coffee but she doesn’t do that. Instead she continued cleaning, from time to time checking if he is still there and 'yes' he is. After a few hours she goes downstairs and Kate gives her a piece paper saying; ,,Jimmy was here for your car. He wrote this down.” Kate leaves and Lisa looked a bit afraid, reading fast what he wrote:

Your car needs 2 new tires, oil, right door, a start engine, new motor parts and there is also a lot of weld. In fact it cost too many to fix it. I suggest you buy another car. I can help you if you want that. It’s a shock to Lisa but she was afraid of this.

Lisa works hard in Roses store. She hears Rose talking while she cleanes the store. She sorted things out and give them a better place if she can, cleans the windows and loves to stay in the store where she finds so much different kind of things. And hiding herself from the people in the village. She loves to be in the background. When Rose closes the store Lisa goes upstairs and she drinks tea with her, enjoying to be there with Rose. The cat is sleeping and inside Lisa feels so much peace 'cause she is once again in the magical, loving place of Rose.

With regret Lisa leaves the place and slowly she walks to her home. The whole day she was busy and now she feels tired. Forest is glad to see her and they walk a bit in the woods. Lisa gives him food and with the dog outside she sits on the veranda and have something to eat. She feels really tired now but she feels also satisfaction. Slowly she gets also the feeling that she is at home here. She found friends here and it’s a unknown but welcome feeling she experienced.  Forest joins her and Lisa strokes the fur.

Lisa counts the money Kate give her earlier. Its not much but its her honest earned money and that makes it much more valuable. Most of the money she hides inside the cabin 'cause she will save it for a new car. Jimmy had tow the old Dodge to his place. Her eye catch the painting and she starts slowly to paint again. Under the face she draws a road and a car on that.

Lisa is free but still thinking about the restaurant when she admire the sunset at the horizon. The colours it made are splendid, almost magical. She wants to paint that but the cold drives her into the restaurant where Kate gives her food. With taste Lisa eats and just when she finished her meal a few noisy men are entering the restaurant. Immediately Lisa sees that they come from far. They wear suits and have expensive watches and mobile telephones with them. She knows those types; money makers. At first she doesn't spend much attention. But when one of them goes to the toilet she noticed how pretty he looks. He gives her a long look. Kate comes to her table and gives her a coke. ,,Watch out for them. They mean trouble.” Before Lisa can respond, Kate is gone. Lisa shred her shoulders and conclude that Kate sees ghosts. Yes they are a bit noisy but so what. That is not a crime.

When she looks around her eyes spotted that the good-looking one works with drugs. Through the open door she can see he uses cocaine. Not much-just a little. And she remembers the good feeling it gave. She misses that. She wants that. With a hesitate she stands up and walked up to him. ,,Do you have something for me too?”  He  frightens up and with a fast look into the restaurant he relax and smile. ,,Not here. Wait for us on the parking place.” Lisa nodded and walks outside and waits for him. The last time I will use, she thinks. I do this only to say goodbye my old life.

It’s cold and almost dark. Only a few orange lines shows the sunset at the horizon. The neon letters of Kate’s Place doesn’t give much light but enough to see. It’s quiet at the parking place. She doesn’t have to wait long. All the boys come outside and walking up to her. Lisa felt some regtrets and wants to get inside 'cause its pretty cold and this she never expected. ,,Eh sorry.” She feels trouble and wants to walk away but the good looking one holds her hand before she can do that. ,,We want you” he said and Lisa gets frightened. She tries to free herself but the other ones are holding her, hurting her and one of them is also starting to get her out of her jeans. Lisa realise she is going to be raped and struggle to get free but she can’t escape. ,,No!” Her begging and fighting in despair doesn’t help. The T-shirt is teared up apart and she feels the horny boys at her body. Lisa starts to sob. She feels that her jeans don’t resist the brute attack from the boys.

Suddenly -Lisa doesn't realise, that soon- there is a fight. The pretty boy receive a hit and falls a few meters away and another one is also falling down. Lisa dropped down on a car, still sobbing. She sees through her tears that Rob is fighting with one of the boys. One of the other boys gets his knife and wants to stab Rob who is still fighting and not noticed the danger he is in. A shot was heared and gets attention from everybody. It’s Kate holding the rifle that points to the boys. ,,Move and don’t ever come back.” Her words are sharp and mean and it seems to Lisa Kate will not hold back to shoot again. The boys are seeing that too and starts running, bleeding they run away to their car and leave.

Rob breaths deep and lift Lisa up. He carry her into the restaurant, to the living room of Kate’s place while Lisa is still sobbing and she feels protected by his presence. Rob cradles Lisa as if she was a baby and his caring helps Lisa restore. Kate stored her rifle and comes back with her clothes. ,,Please put this on.” They leave and Lisa feels so stupid. She was warned by Kate but didn’t listen. If they wouldn’t have come….Lisa feels sick and suddenly she empty her stomach. With a white face and a crying face she feels so small, so stupid. Rob comes with a glass of water and sit next to her. ,,I am so sorry.” The words hardly come out. ,,I only wanted to have a good time, to easy the pain inside” she said after a silence. She drinks the water and stare into the glass, seeing nothing. ,,I can't believe there is a place for me and every time I don’t know how to handle that. You are so kind and…..” Lisa wipes away the tears and Rob gets the empty glass and place it on the table. He rocks her gently and Lisa feels save and secure. That night she sleeps in Kate’s room, and the love she received heels long forgotten wounds.

In the middle of the night she wakes up and hear the silent breathing of Kate. She remembers how sweet she was and how Rob comforts her. And for the first time she admits that she has found a place with her name written on it. The next day everything seems to be a bad nightmare. Lisa feels more peaceful now and somehow she feels that she has changed. It takes a few days to name that feeling; Love. When she looks at her painting she suddenly see that she painted herself and bits of life that marks her destiny and surrounded her. She touched the painting with all the love she feels and the warmth of it let a tear run to her cheek. In the short time that she is here she found love and warmth that has melted the cold and empty place in her. Yes there is still a lot of it inside her but another feeling has found its place in her. And a deep feeling of thankfulness welled up in her and tender she picks up the painting and hangs it on the wall. That painting is not perfect but its made with love and emotions. She made it!

Staring into the flame of a candle Lisa listens to the classics songs that are playing. One of Rose’s cats are sitting next to her, washing itself and Lisa looks at the graceness of that little animals body. Rose joins her, bringing a cup of tea and chocolate. ,,Jimmy is looking for a car”  she said. ,,I think soon you can hit the road.” Lisa eats a chocolate and her eyes follows the cat that moves like a ballerina. ,,At first I wanted to go away but now I feel at home here. Kate is very nice to me. She, and you too Rose, are like a mother to me. Where do I go when I leave? I don’t want to leave but how shall I tell Kate? I can’t keep on cleaning the restaurant my whole life. And there is no other job for me here.” Rose is looking at her, sees the changes into her and smiles. ,,Don’t tell me. Tell Kate.”  

It’s early when Lisa arrives at the restaurant. It’s a cold and rainy day and Lisa is glad she enters the shelter of the restaurant. As always Kate is out of bed and has cleaned the restaurant. She is eating and Lisa joins her, looking for a way to start a conversation. ,,Jimmy is looking for a car. When I leave I really miss this place, you and everything else here.” Kate nodded. ,,I guess you even miss George.” ,,Yeah, him and his cooking.” Lisa smiles. She never thought of that. ,,He is a friend also.” Lisa hesitates, looking for the right words but she can't find any so she looks at Kate and says; ,,You know, when I left the city I was going nowhere. Just wanted to get away from there. By accident I came here and this feels like home but I am not good at it to handle that.” Kate smiles and lays her hand on Lisa’s arm. ,,Stop, I know what you want to tell me. Yesterday Rose phoned me and she told me that you want to stay here. You found your place. I know it’s not easy but with a little trust and honesty you can smile to life itself. My offer still stands. You can work here for the money and maybe you can have an education to find another job. Just think about it.” With tears in her eyes Lisa listen and a bit clumsy she hugs Kate. A warm feeling floats into her and she knows she found valuable friends. Kate is getting serious. ,,And within a few weeks I must leave the restaurant for a monthly period I think. I hope you can help more here. George will work more then and Jimmy helps also daily.” Kate looks to Lisa saying ,,I have cancer and I will receive treatment in a hospital. Rob will drive me there and will pick me up also. On the day you took the money I heard it on the phone.” And now Lisa knows why Kate was crying. She sobs almost. ,,I know I'll be better soon so don’t worry about me.” Kate is smiling and it seems not to bother her. ,,When I leave I take care of things but the costumers must have their food and drinks so I hope you can help a little more. If you want you can sleep here also.” ,,You can count on me!”

It seems to Lisa that the days passing by very fast. It is filled with helping Kate to serve people, helping George in the kitchen and she even finds time to clean also. At first it’s hard for her to take peoples orders and to bring what they want but after a few times it is getting easier and she doesn't make that much mistakes anymore. The kindness of the people makes that she also can laugh at her mistakes and after a week of learning and doing she is able to take care of the restaurant, even when it's crowded. Kate is keeping a watchful eye on her and learns shows her how to handle the money, and the bills 'cause many people pay once in a month, and so on. Lisa works hard and when she comes home she is really tired but she feels good and beloved. When she has to work the whole day most of the time she brings Forest with her to the restaurant and when she is having her break she walks with him or let him walk alone, knowing he will come back to her if she calls him. And she found always time to visit Rose, listen to her stories. Lisa takes Kate’s truck to do the shopping at Roses place. Picking up the mail or things from her store for the restaurant and she is getting to know the people who lives there also.  

Way too fast the day of Kate’s leaving comes. Lisa has many words in her head to tell but when the moment has arrived she can’t say anything. She hear Kate talking to George, give him instructions and see him hug Kate and soft spoken words between them. Rob is calmly packing Kate’s bag, load it in the truck and then Kate say goodbye to many customers who wouldn’t miss Kate’s leaving. Lisa sees the commitment of this little place. Even Rose came. She closed her shop only for this. Lisa hear Rose saying to Kate ,,don’t worry I keep an eye on Lisa and with these words Rose blink with her eye to Lisa who smiles. It seems like one big party. Kate received presents and suddenly Lisa wished she had one for her too. Why didn’t she think of that? When it's her turn to say goodbye Lisa can only hug Kate long and she feels a fit of crying coming up. ,,Don’t worry. I'll be back sooner than you think” Kate whispers to her ear. ,,Keep the place running.” Everybody waves and smiles when Kate climbs in Robs truck and with a lot of hunk, yelling and laughter Kate is leaving. It looks like Kate has a holiday.

Lisa is the first who goes inside and the next half hour it's busy with people who want to drink or to eat, talking about Kate but after that everyone goes to their own business and suddenly the place is empty. Lisa is sitting at the table and Jimmy and George are joining her and they look sad at the empty place. Everywhere they look they see empty glasses, cups and plates. It’s a mess. After everything is cleaned up George and Jimmy left. All alone Lisa sits behind the bar, when a truck stopped. The lights of the truck shines on the empty parking place and Lisa recognise the truck of Rob. She hear her heartbeat jumping up. ,,Hi any news from Kate?” Rob smiles takes a seat at the bar. ,,She is okay. Don’t worry about her. She will survive. Before you know she is back.” Lisa smiles and suddenly she knows Rob is right.

Later on, shivering in the cold, seeing Rob leave with his truck, Lisa thinks back to the day she came on that same road and then she never thought she would find a place where she belongs. The lights of Rob’s truck are melting in the night. Everyone is sleeping and the stars are twinkeling in the night. With a warm feeling her mind is with Rob. She knows that he will come back to reassure her and to do that he has made many miles only for her. Standing there, all alone in the dark she suddenly realise that she is in love with Rob. It came out of the blue and at first she didn't know what to think about that.

She tries to think clearly about this discovery. Rob is not that good-looking and most of the time he is gone, has a world she barely can be a part of and he is older than she is. But on the other side he is caring, always there when she needs him and she feels so save and secure with him. Is he the father figure she is looking for? With all those questions Lisa goes inside and close the door behind her. She walks to the familiar rooms to Kate’s bed and see the purple light going on and out and all she can think of is Rob who drives on a dark and lonely road.

From the early light to the night Lisa is busy. Together with George she bakes bread and runs the restaurant. Rose  checks the restaurant regular, drinking tea and talk about the daily things. She brings the mail and shows a funny card Kate has sended and telling that everything is all right and about her recovering. When Lisa gets into bed she is too tired to think and in the early morning she came out of bed, facing another long day. Somehow she loves that and in that period she makes a lot of friends. On spare moments, when she makes long walks with Forest and when her mind is not at the restaurant, all she can think of is Rob and she is certain of her love of him.

Then Kate is calling unexpectedly telling that she is all right and comes home. It’s good to hear her voice and  Lisa smiles when she tells Kate that the restaurant is running fine. Lisa heared that Rob visited her on a regular basis and that makes Lisa silent; knowing that she wants to talk to Rob, finding out what he feels and wants. She has a desire for that moment but at the same time she fears that. An appointment is made to pick up Kate and when Lisa is hanging up the phone she figures out how she can handle the situation. The next two hours she made the arrangements and then it's time to wait for that day and that moment because she will see him again.

The day when she has to pick up Kate she overslept. Most of the night she had spend her time to get her surprise done and she was so tired she never heard the alarmclock and the sounds of Forest. She feels a heavy shake and suddenly she is awake. George is shaking her. ,,Oo” Lisa remembers that this is the day she drives with Rob to pick up Kate. ,,I overslept. Is Rob already there?” ,,No, not yet. You still have time on your hands.” Lisa jumps out of bed and hurry into her clothes. ,,No, I haven’t, I am way too late for cleaning.” ,,That’s almost done.” George looks at the painting on the easel and the mess that dominate the cabin. ,,You did a good job.” Lisa looks at it and realize she did. This painting she worked on turns out really good. The restaurant 'Kate’s Place' looks very real and almost romantic. In Lisa’s eyes it's home and it was hard to make the painting. Pieces of paper shows that it was a heavy job but the result is great. ,,Do you think if Kate like this?” she ask to George who asured; ,,I know she will love it.” ,,Take the painting with you and find a good place for it?” ,,I will".  I see you soon.” George leaves with the painting and give Lisa a little time to get ready.

A beautiful sunset is shown when Rob’s truck stopped at the parking place. Together with a picknik basket Lisa climbs in the truck and waving goodbye to George, Jimmy and Forest and the truck hits the road. Lisa is overwelmed when she sees the cabin. See the cb, a telephone, a small computer and behind her she sees a little sleepingplace wich is cleaned away. So here Rob sleeps. She realize she stepped into Rob’s world and all the words, the words she had in her mind disappears and left her speechless. She feels so small but she melts when Rob ask for food. The smell of a fresh baken bread together with coffee fill the cabin and the sun paints orange and purple stripes to the horizon. And suddenly Lisa knows this would be a good and important day when she looks at the road and to Rob. In the background she hears country music and on the cb she hears some people talking but most of the times its quiet. ,,How far do we have to drive?” she ask. ,,A couple of hours.”

Staring at the road she loves to sit in his truck. She would drive with him to the end of the world if it could. She thinks of the past weeks and realize again she is very lucky. There is a place for her where people love her and she found a home. But what about Rob? She hesitated, searching for words fearing his reaction if she ask if he loved her also. Looking at him she knows that her heart is beating faster but what about him? She knows he is a trucker and this is his life. ,,Are you afraid to go to the city? Rob’s question interrupt Lisa’s thoughts. ,,Eh afraid, no I don’t think so. I am a lucky girl who has found a home, that Kate gave me a place to live but I think it's strange to be back in the city 'cause life, wich I know now, is really good and quiet. The city never sleeps and its crowded and smelling. I don’t belong there anymore. But what about you? You are traveling to all kinds of places. Where do you want to be?” Rob smiles and Lisa admire the way he is driving. Sitting next to him in this enormous truck she feels like a queen of the road. ,,My truck is my home. It brings me where I have to be, want to be. And yes, Kate’s place is a great place to be. I am happy to be there. But I need my freedom also. I love this job. I am my own boss and I come everywhere.” With mixed feelings Lisa drinks coffee. Does he love her? Does he want her in his life? She wants to ask him about love but she won’t dare.  

The city is full of neon lights, people everywhere, tall and sky buildings that hides most of the sunbeams. Lisa feels so clear she doesn't belong here anymore. The streets are full of cars and every car seems to honk there horn. Yellow cabs are dominate the streets. Like ants people are moving through the city. Sounds of wailing sirens seems to be everywhere. Back to Kate’s Place she never heard sirens. She knows so very certain that this wouldn’t be her life anymore. Rob drives safely through the chaos and Lisa admires him for that. It takes about ten minutes to find a parking place at the hospital. Then they walk into it and Rob is leading her through the hospital. He is out of place here in a world full of nursing people, ill people and people who are very well dressed and Rob occasioned dresses in jeans and a ordinary jersey but he doesn’t mind that. They walk through many hallways before they reach Kate. Kate looks thinner but it’s the same old Kate that hugs Lisa and Rob. Ready for leaving they talk and laugh and Lisa is really glad to see her. Rob is carrying most of the bags when they leave the hospital. Kate and Lisa walking arm in arm talking about the restaurant and the people there and everything is back in place when they are inside the truck and Rob is driving and leaving the city. Despite the fact that Lisa still doesn't have an answer if Rob is loving her the atmo-sphere is good. Kate does the most of the talking, wants to hear every little detail of the people in Kate’s Place and she eats till the basket is empty. When Rob refueles the truck Kate looks to Lisa and her eyes sees through her when she said; ,,you have a cross  on Rob.” Lisa frights but nodded, looking outside to the road. ,,Yes.” It’s so softly spoken that it hardly reach Kate’s ears. ,,But I am so afraid that he doesn't feel the same way.” Kate touches Lisa for a moment. ,,Don’t tell me. Tell him.” When Rob is entering the truck the talk is finished.

Kate’s return is one big party. Everyone is there to meet her. Kate receives the painting and she is really content with it. After a few hours the restaurant is again almost empty but this time it's different 'cause Kate is home. ,,Rob, can you bring Lisa home?” Kate hugs Lisa again,, Thank you for your gift. I really love it.” Only Lisa hear the whispering of Kate on that moment ,,you have my blessings if you make him happy. Go for it.”

It's cold outside. The sunset shows it magic colors at the horizon and the dark blue is already there to cover the day and turn it into the night. Despite that Lisa can still see the path that leads to her chalet. A huge shadow is falling when Rob joins her and they walk the long way back to her cabin, this time not through the forest but next to the road, through the little village. Forest is walking silently near them. His shadow is almost melting in the dark. ,,You are in a different mood today.” Rob starts the conversation. ,,Is everything okay?” Lisa looks up to him. Its too dark to see the expression on his face.

,,When Kate was gone. I did a lot of thinking, much soul searching when I was not too tired. When I arrived here I always looked to the horizon to see what’s there. My fear was 'commitments'. I felt not beloved but you changed all that. No longer I want to escape from myself. I believe more and more in myself and I feel at home here. Lately a person pops up in my mind and that grows so strong I….”Lisa doesn't know how to go on so she says softly ,,that person is you.”

She walks a few steps before she realizes that Rob stopped and she turns to him when he reach out for her hand. ,,You are in love with me?” He said it more to himself than to Lisa and Lisa knows for certain she’s been rejected.

The next thing she knows she feels that he pulls her gently to him and a breathless taken kiss follows. First she is totally surprised to his action but with all her passion she kisses him back. Everything in her starts to jump and she feels so totally happy; this kind of feeling she experience now for the first time. She clinged on to Rob. If he didn’t hold her she would fall. Suddenly Rob stops and looks into her eyes. And that action feeds Lisa’s fear again. ,,You are in love with me.” This time the words are spoken out loud. ,,You know there are much better guys out there than me. I think you deserve a guy who is not a world traveler.”

Lisa reach for his hand and hold him gently. ,,Yeah yeah. It crossed my mind that psychology stuff. Maybe I seek for a father figure or a friend. Maybe I am mad but I set my heart on you and believe me when I tell you that I have thought long and hard about this. Its not a fantasy you know. I am not easy but I know what I want.”

Lisa walks on, hearing that Rob follows and it means so much to her that he lay his arm around her. He wants to say something but she goes on ,,I know you are a trucker, that you have a life I hardly know about but you will return every time to Kate’s Place. There you can find me. I am staying here, helping Kate maybe following a study. Don’t know yet. The last weeks my mind was only with you.” Lisa breaths deep and walks close near Rob. Suddenly she feels so happy again and it seems that the sun is brighten her life path with love and magic. 

Two figures, almost one, walking to the houses, passing the church and stopped infront of the old cabin. In the door opening they have a long kiss, full of love and go inside. While Rob makes the fire, Lisa cleans the mess she left behind this morning very fast and light some candles. There is not much at home to eat or drink but there is some beer and sitting infront the fire she looks at Rob. ,,You are beautiful, Lisa.” Rob hold her in his arms and Lisa feels so beloved, so wanted. She listen to his heart. 

,,When I first met you, you touched me but sometimes it wasn’t easy to get through to you. The times when you where laughing your face totally opened up but you closed up so fast and that wasn’t easy for us. We have long conversations about you, how to reach you, how to get you throughout your defenses. I was mad at you when you hurt Kate that time you stole the money, but luckily you return it. I felt lost when Kate went out to talk to you that moment.” Rob is stroking her hair. ,,But the moment that I knew I was in love with you was when you were almost raped. I could kill those boys and maybe I did if Kate wasn’t there.” Lisa feels again the anger growing in him. ,,Luckily Kate was there. One of them had a knife and I couldn’t bear if he stabbed you.”

,,You were so broken but then you showed how strong you are. I am so proud of you that you worked so hard at the restaurant when Kate was in the hospital. I know Kate trust you 'cause she left the restaurant in your hands. She is also proud of you. I am too.” Staring in the flames Lisa hears the whispering of Kate; don’t tell me. Tell him. ,,Kate knew I loved you and you love me.” Rob bend over her and kiss her again and he does that with so much tenderness and the love Lisa feels makes her so lucky and so much in love. She belong in his arms. She is so certain now and his love for her is so solid and real and she knows her heart has find it's destiny.

A full moon rises up to the sky and shines upon a restaurant where 'Kate’s Plac' lift on and off. The 'E' is still broke. On the Parking there is the truck of Rob.

And old Dodge found it's place on a junk yard.

On the main street houses, with the lights lightend or dark, receive a soft blue light coming from the moon. The store of Rose is clearly shown.

Even in the moonlight the decay of the church is shown but that looks mystical.

In the forest a warm orange light compares the blue light of the full moon. There two hearts beats like one.

It’s Lisa’s place.