A lovely cat joined my home. A streetcat. Jennifer
I hope she will be happy here

The end of Januari and the start of Februari I celebrate it with tulips

Her sister is gone. But she still lives on. She is more than 6 years old. Still going on
moe than 6 years old

Februari 20
Visiting Ice statues

April 12
Sometimes I have a headache, too much stress or to much thoughts. I try to walk it off, to walk in the forest and let my thoughts go. It helps. But I miss the walks with my dog Sheena, she is too long gone...2001

May 16

What a special movie Avengers End game is. I guess it will be the biggest  selling movie all times
. I watched it once and planned to see it again in the cinema. This is so special. 

old guestbook:

July 30
It is too hot to sleep and I am a bad sleeper.
Looking at my homepages, the old diaries with often the look of Moon and back, I still miss the site.
Things change. I see that now. What once was very important will fade and forgotten.
Every year I see my life change. Everything will be passing by.
This is the feeling of getting old and getting slower .... until I stopped and then this all will be gone too.......

August 18

This is Sem a lovely, young and very shy cat. He is hiding here behind the jigsaws. It is difficult to make an connection with him. He needs a lot of time. Somehow I believe I turn him into a hugcat but for now he is afraid.

September 21
Did you know we have more than 200 billions stars here in our own Milky Way? And our sun is one of them.
And then Milky Way is one of the 170 billions galaxy
I search this on Wikipedia.

October 26
Oma is growing very old now. She sleeps most of her time and eat and drink not that much. This is a cat who is such a sweety and so soft. I fear for her end cause I cant miss her. Oma is so grateful and lovely. She comfort other cats when they near her and she sleeps on her couch and her miauw is so lovely to hear.

december 22
A cat arrived at the beginning of this year and a cat passed away on the end of this year. Buffy. The cat I had the longest. 15 years. The only cat I took as a kitten.
Buffy is the bridge of the past. She knew Fido, Truus, Fleur, Santi, Sita and now she is gone. Buffy lived longer than I expected and her passing was so beautiful.
She went to the rainbowbridge in my arms but the missing is deep and the place feels empty now.  I feel lost too.
Buffy 15 years