About my Life and Personal thoughts

   Suddenly I wanted a diary. So here it is.
Now I live alone now in a small appartment and often I feel ok. With the old guinea pigs and 3 old cats I have a wonderful but small family. There is love here. With my work as a cabdriver and really wonderful friends I feel happy and loved.

TheaThis is Thea, and old and deaf cat. I took her on Januari into my home. She soon settled in and I am glad to tell she is a part of the family now.  Only when Thea wants to take a nap on the couch Oma, the oldest cat starts to nag about this. She thinks she owns the couch.

A lot of websets are gone. My website on bravenet hold on for some years but it is gone now. All what I did for wosib and guestbookbutterflies and garden of friendship are gone. Pity. Really the end of a period.
Beech den Bramel Vorden
On Monday March 5 I was visiting some old trees and stopped also by this old beech in Vorden, a lovely place in the Netherlands. The tree was very special to me and I was hurt when I noticed he would die about ten years earlier. This tree was so friendly and seems to surrounded by people. You had always a smile on your face when you visit this special tree.
It is still special and unique and big in a lot of ways but I miss the spirit in the tree.

March 31
What happend to the people who lived here? Why a farm or a house leave to decay? When I see houses like this I always wonder about the people who lived here.

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Photo's April - May

With great sadness I have to tell you that Sita crossed the rainbowbridge. Only 8 years old. Feline immonodeficiency virus. I will miss him terrible

A new Regina

Yesterday I spend a lot of time by the barber. From blond hair to grey, with some pink and purple and peach colour in it


July 21
For 3 weeks now I have a new cat, so really shy and scare. I still didnt make a great photo out of him but I am trying. His name will be Taz.
Here in the Netherlands it is dry for months now. And hot. It is so dry and animals, plants and trees are suffering. And it takes weeks before they expect rain. Oh please let it rain

September 4
At times I think of my life, the people in it. Friends come and go. I wonder how I grow old. Will I be the same inside? It must be terrible to not knowing who you are. Where I stand in 2019?


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