Cronicles from Elisia



 Starring in the World of Elisia:

Elisia: a magical woman, a very powerful witch with ancient magic. The story of her life starts when she is leaving (trying to leave) the church. With flashbacks she will know more about her history.

The church:

Amarant the elf: lives in the church. Creates its own paradise in the grey chuch.

Mayra: a black and a very old cat. 

Gar: a Gargoyle who belongs to the church. A gargoyle can only move in the night. Sunlight stones him.

the Church: a church that can move between time and space. Through Elisia it sets things and people right. But why the gravestones outside? What kind of part does they play?

Outside the church:

Cahira; a powerful warrior. He moves in the two words. It was him who saved Elisia when she was hurt and he find the way to her heart.


Meldiron: one of the Lightpeople and Cahira's companion for a long, long time. They share a long lasting friendship. Meldiron roaming the wild world and it seems rarely he visit his people. Meldiron has the ability to cure and knows all about healing herbs. He has also some knowledge in magic, certainly nature magic and he has special ways to get along with all kind sof creatures. Meldiron knows all about light effects and illusions.


Anthea: a sweet, shy girl who sets her first steps on the path of magic.

Sundara, girlfriend of Anthea. Also a starter in the world of the magic. She owns a bookstore.


Chapter guide

A song Elisia heard while she was walking on the street is Beautiful Goodbye from Amanda Marshall. From 1996.

Some lines in her diary I left out. This is the complete lyric.

Fed up with my destiny
And this place of no return
Think I'll take another day
And slowly watch it burn
It doesn't really matter how the time goes by
Cause I still remember you and I
And that beautiful goodbye

We staggered through these empty streets
Laughing arm in arm
The night had made a mess of me
Your confession kept me warm
And I don't really miss you, I just need to know
Do you ever think of you and I
And that beautiful goodbye

When I see you now
I wonder how
I could've watched you walk away
If I let you down
Please forgive me now
For that beautiful goodbye

In these days of no regrets
I keep mine to myself
And all the things we never said
I can say for someone else
Cause nothing lasts forever, but we always try
And I just can't help but wonder why
We let it pass us by

When I see you now
I wonder how
I could've watched you walk away
If I let you down
Please forgive me now
For that beautiful goodbye

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The first line to a lover to say: (Elisia) Hi... I am here!

His reaction (from Cahira): “go away”

Cahira: What we have can never be.

Cahira: "you stay here your enemies will find you and you have to face them and more.”

Cahira: "I am a warrior and you are a sorcerer."

Cahira: "You are the best they had!"

Cahira: "from which world you want to take her?”

Elisia: “who am I?"

Sundara: We are just at the beginning of the road that is calling Magic and you walk there for a long time. 

Elisia: "I hope you can tell me who I am.”

Cahira: “The best way for you, for me and for everyone is that you go back to the church."

Cahira: "You be haunted by your memories and believe me they are a burden to wear."



Magic & Spells

 Behind the Story

  It took me a long time to come up with the name Cahira. For a period the name Sundara was meant for Elisia The bookstore from Sundara really exist. You can found it in the heart of Paris!


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