The world of Elisia

Laying in her room Elisia let time passing by. When she gets food she eat. When the girls brings her to the shower she wash herself. When Sundara tries to talk Elisia stare without any expression to the window, not responsing. When Anthea comes home after a day work she finds Elisia still in her small bedroom and Anthea is certain Elisia stays the whole day there. The girls tries to give some action into the women but nothing seems to reach Elisia.

In front of the tv the girls looking at each other and then looking to Elisia who stare to the screem without seeing nothing. "Nothing helps." Sundara looking at the women who seems so old and small. "She looks like a robot." Anthea nodds. "She don't respond on anything." She looks Elisia in her eyes but not any reaction is coming. "And that is for days now. I wonder if she is still in there."

Silence. Sundara looks to the tv. "Let's go out. Valerie is playing tonight."

It is crowdy and the lights are brightly. Between Sundara and Anthea Elisia walks and there is no turning back for her. In the corner of the pub Sundara is getting some drinks and Anthea explain: "Valerie is singing and she has a warm and great voice." She sees that Elisia don't listen. The eyes of Elisia is looking for an escape but the way out is blocked by too many people. Then a big yell and a young women on stage starts to sing.

Then suddenly Elisia reacts. She remembers the voice singing a song that she listens a long time ago. That voice and that song hit her in her heart. And now again. Valerie is singing another song but her voice is reaching Elisia again. Unaware that tears are running on her cheeks, Elisia is standing in the corner and listens, absorbs the music that Valerie and her band is performing. The drums, the gitarplaying and the background voices, the bass and the piano, everything finds the way into the heart of Elisia that feels alive and the voice of Valerie let's her feel alive again. Sundara and Anthea leave her alone.

The girls are the last who leave the pub. Quickly they are going home. It is raining softly and the wind blows chilly through the streets. So tired the girls are going to bed and Elisia hears them going away to their work, still leaving some bread for Elisia.

Only with a few hours of sleep Elisia walks slowly to the livingroom and she finds some music which she starts to play. She cries that day for all she lost. For the first time she feels alive since she escaped the destiny of the church. For the first time she let her tears for the lost she so deeply feels. She is looking at the clock and knows she is alone for hours. That time is hers to spend. Elisia eat her bread and pick up paper and pen and stair for hours to the blank paper. Sometimes she is drawing some lines. Once she write Mayra on the paper. She fragments the paper so tiny where the simple drawing shows a church.

Sitting in the office Anthea works hard to update the data base. There is a lot of work to do. A huge headache creeps from behind her eyes. So tired she rubbed her eyes. Her headache will be much worse, she fears. She worries a lot these past weeks. Worries about Elisia who looks dead. What they do wont help. She dont do anything. Anthea looks at the screen. All what she typed dance around in her computer. She tries to focus and then the screen returns to normal. When she wants to type the next alinea suddenly Mister Beck shouts at her "working!" Anthea jumps. She didnt expecting him, noticing him. "You doing this month a lot of overtime." Suddenly Anthea freeze. She feels it inside and her headache turns black inside her. "Last week your work was so bad....." The shouting of her boss let her ears rings. She stands and look at him and her voice sound so strange as if it isnt hers. "No!" First Mister Beck doesnt hear her. The next line is more stranger "I quit!" On that moment she means it. She says it again, so terminated: "I quit!" Anthea get her bag and put her belongs into it. She gets her coat and left the office. When she is outside she breaths deep. Suddenly she feels so free. Suddenly no headache. She quits!

Anthea sits on a stone wall and looks at the ugly building who hold people prison during worktime and sometimes more. Yes, she quits. She is free. But suddenly the bravery left her, leaving her shaken. Oh god what has she done? She quits. No job. No money! And her headache is back and suddenly Anthea sees only flashes around her. It is cold but she doesnt put on her coat. Trying not to shake she is so desperate. They need the money. Sundara cant support her. The bookstore pays bad. Bitting on her lip she knows she must go back and offering her apologizes to her boss. But the courage left her and fear stands in the way. No, not that. Ten minutes ago she was typing and now she dont have a job. The day is still early. She cant go home. Anthea gets so cold now she stand up and put on her coat. Her legs still shaking and she starts to walk. She cant go home now. First she needs another job. But there are a lot who is looking for jobs. Without any direction she walks, trying to get the problem solved.

Looking back it seems she walks for hours. Dont dare to come home or to go to Sundara. When she is getting hungry and tired Anthea stops and looks around. She recognize this part of the town. It is close to her home. She wonders how late it is and decided to go home. Suddenly she sees a young girl hiding behind a dumpster. Anthea looks around. Nobody to see. She walks to the dumpster and stand still, next to a dirty wall. Her heart is breaking when she sees the little girl hiding in the trash. Cautious she moves to the girl and say softly: "Hi I am Anthea. Can I help you?" The girl only tries unsuccesfull hiding but her eyes is fixed on Anthea. Carefully, very carefully Anthea reach her hand to the girl and sees the hesitating but the little girl puts her small and filty hand in Anthea who feels the luck into her shiver. "Can I bring you where it is safe?" Anthea almost whisper. "Home?" This time the little girl brings her speedly to a place she never thought it existed.

Sundara pacing from door to window and look for the umpteenth time to the street outside. "Where is she? She should home hours ago." Elisia worries to but doesn't show it that well. The food is waiting on plates, cold and forgotten. "I think I walk again to her work..." She puts on her coat again. "You did that twice" Elisia points out.

Suddenly they jump cause they hear a key in the lock. Anthea comes inside. Sundara is hugging her, deeply shaken. "You are home." she whispers. "you are allright" "Hey, sorry I am so late but I have so much to tell you" She hugs Anthea back and involve Elisia too into the big hug.

Then she took of her coat and a few minutes later they eat their cold food with wine and then Anthea starts to tell: "I quit my job and was also fired. Suddenly I had enough bad mouthing taken from Beck. Didn't know what to do until I stumbled to a frightened little kid who took me to her world. A small shelter so poor and overcrowded with only an old women who take care of these children the best she can. Some of the children goes to school and some she try to teach herself. She gives them food and try to dresses them the best she can. Some of the children has one of two parents who cant maintain them. Some of the children don't have family or that is unknown. And the children often seen too much..." She stops and move her almost empty plate. Looking around as if she seen it for the first time, the familiar furniture and the faces of her friends. "Oh what are we rich" She hugs her friends. Then she took her wineglass and look into Sundara's beautiful eyes. "I took the job. From 7 am till 6 pm I will work there from Monday to Saturday. The hours are more but the money stays about the same. And meeting the children and that lady I want to try to get some more money for all of that house." She tells more about the children and the lady who take care of them. One story after another, sometimes finished but often switch she tells and it is so late when they go to bed. In bed Sundara takes her friend in her arms. "Is it not too much for you?" she ask softly. "It will be heavy and you meet a lot of ugliness and it will sometimes be so hard." "But the payback time will be counted too and here I can do good, here I am wanted and it is so much better than my last job." Sundara tells nothing, she didn't know how bad that was for Anthea. She only hugs and rocks her.

Elisia hear the girls talk, expectially Anthea after they go to bed. When the day breaks it is getting silent and only a few hours later the alarm goes off and she hear Anthea standing up. In the silence of her little bedroom Elisia thinks about the broken pieces of her life. She thinks of Cahira. Where is he now? The church that is gone and suddenly she miss Mayra who offered herself to keep Elisia alive. Elisia thinks of her former life. Once she had a daughter. Elisia turns and staring at the wall. She feels she must go back to the other world to see what is left and what mess she made. This world she likes but the other world is the one she belongs.

Elisia hear Anthea standing up and she dresses herself quickly. Today she will help Anthea.

It is very quiet on the street and the two women are walking quickly cause it is not that safe for them and then a busy day begins. Even with Elisia's help there is so much to do. The childeren must get up and go to school or staying home and Elisia sees how broken childeren can be. She must admit that Anthea is fantastic and working so hard. But when she is home Anthea is so tired she goes to bed early. The love of the two girls still standing strong. Elisia search for Cahira but cant find him anywhere. He must have gone back to the other world. It is getting time she follows.
But when the decision is made it is still hard to follow the action. Elisia knows she is making excuses for not going. When she can she wants to help Anthea with her work or cleaning the house or sitting in the store of Sundara trying to learn more from the other world that is called in this world the Wild World. And that surely is, even Elisia knows but she is forgotton much. The world where Sundara and Anthea lives is called the Real World and it is much smaller than the Wild World where everything can (and will) happend. On an evening she ask if the girls want to go to the Wild World but till her disapointment they say no. Some days are passing and suddenly when Elisia wokes up she knows she must go. She say farewell to Sundara and wish her well. She promise to come back. Together with Anthea she walks to the one and only border and sees the people crossing over. The day is just started but it is already busy. Elisia hesitates and Sundara sees that. "You can always come back. You dont have to go" "I must" Elisia nodded. She gives Anthea a big hug and cross the border, dont looking back.
The Wild World
Here she walks now, wondering what she is doing here. She finds the cross over hard and difficult to pass the border. All the people, so crowdy and so full of rules and physical examination she underwent is hard to think back. What was she lucky with the church who was the only border crosser without this embarrassing inspections. But she is there; the Wild World; a nature with all kinds of creatures and even the unexpected can be expected. All the colors she sees are hurting her eyes. Comparing to this the real world has only grey and dark colors. She walks on a road and sees sometimes a city or houses or barns and other creatures. What is she doing here? She has not much food and only a blanket, not a home or even a roof and she don't know the way here or where she is going. She only feels her magical spark in her hands and knows that she feels not that worn out. In her bag she feels the existing her magical possessions and it is if they supporting her. But still she feels the doubt of leaving a home -even it wasn't hers- to a world she has no home or destiny. Perhaps she was here and did do a lot but this is so unknown to her and she don't know where to go. Elisia stops and looks around. The road shows a village and she is walking away from that. Was that a good choice? She wanted to be alone but perhaps she found shelter there. Trying to make a plan cause the night will come soon she must find a place to sleep. And her legs aches. She isn't use to walk that long. Some trees in a sloping landscape with rocks and meadows and this road she walks on twisting to the horizon. The sun is shining but she feels cold and seek for a shelter place. Leaving the road she walks through the grass to a tree by a small river that runs from a distance. She is alone and it seems that everyone left in the city and perhaps it was the wisest choice she must taken. But she wanted to be alone and now she is but she feels so lost. Elisia walks to the tree by the river and she is relieved to get there. Finally. She drops her bag and scans the area. Nothing. Not even a bird. Elisia eat the spare food she took from the Real World and put a blanket on her watching the water. It is only a small stream and it seems to end further. What must she doing now? What must she going now? Elisia stare to the bag. The best thing she can do is to go to where the trouble started, to where she lost her daughter but she hasn't a clue where that is. She is alone in this world and even Cahira cant help her. He could be miles away from here.
She is cold when the night is coming. She is tired but cant sleep. Elisia just stared to the water that lightens a long time after the sun is down and the stars are coming. She feels a women alone in the world and there is a big loss in her that never will been filled.
When the sun is coming up it found an empty spot to the tree near the river. Elisia left the place hours ago and walking to the stream and to the meadow she left the road and walked with the light of the moon and stars across meadows to an open forest. The only living creatures she sees are scaring rabbits. Lying nearby a rock she finally sleeps so tired and cold and the sun just reach the highest level.





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