The world of Elisia

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Beautiful flowers on the table. All kinds of fruit in fruitscale. Different kind of meat between big candles and all the loved ones are there. Elisia looks so happy. On the background there is music and everyone is smiling and laughing. Elisia smiles so happy. It is perfect. Glasses of red wine and bread makes it so complete. Cahira is telling a story and everyone listen to his smiling face. Anthea shows some magic sparkles. Elisia wink at her cause she is the one who teach Anthea that. Mayra purred at the end of the table and Gar stares at a candle. Sundara is singing so happily. Amarant is flying from flower to flower.

A very sweet young girl is sitting next to her. Elisia looks at her. With a star in her eyes the young girl points to the meat. Her words: "the meat is wrong" Elisia laughs and say; "dont be kidding." She looks down and her laugh freeze on her face. Many maggots are moving on the meatplate. A shriek makes her look up and suddenly she can't breath.

It was just a place for fun and joy and now there is nothing. No friends. No Cahira. No table. Elisia is in a very narrow and small chamber with no doors and windows. Only walls. She is alone. The music isnt there and no chair either. Elisia circles and she is alone. Captured in walls with no chance to escape...

She looks around and there is a mirror in front of her. It shows herself, so scared and so alone and so, so very small. Then it disappears and she sees a young girl, no more then 5 years old. She smiles and feels inside a feeling of luck. Suddenly Elisia screams and back away. The girl dies with a smile on her face in flames. She runs to the mirror and tries to do something, to save the girl but only the cold touch of the glass she feels. But when she looks at her hands it is so heavy burned and yet she doesnt feel the pain.

In totally shock Elisia crumbles in front of the mirror and inside her a big and black hole opens and it is if she fell and fell and fell in it.

She knows now...

She knows the luck to have a child. A little girl who was her whole world. She knows now (and that is hitting her like lightning) how she screams full of rage and black magic and a terrible loss that is way too big and that is feeding on her heart or what remains of it and she kills everyone who is in her reach and that is a lot.

With big eyes that dont see anything she lies on the ground, gasping of breath and feels that big black hole that grows and grows and kills her.....

Totally broken and lost she stare in nothingness.





Lost Lost
Lost   Lost Lost   Lost
  Lost   Lost    
Lost   Lost   Lost Lost
  Lost   Lost    

She took lives as if it was nothing. She lost her daughter and she kills everyone after her loss.

After that Gar found her and took her in the church and she thought she did good but still she remains a killer. She was trapped in the church and now she realize it was not the clock who is the church but Gar...

That takes her breath away.. Gar..

It could not. Not Gar. Gar is a gargoyle. But it is... Gar!

She had to destroy Gar... but it is too late now. Now she is the one who got destroyed.

Elisia looks at Gar who is suddenly there. His body of stone is indestructible. And she is breaking apart. She close her eyes and suddenly Amarant is there. This lovely little fairy is looking sadly to her. "What are you doing here?" Elisia ask -or does she only think about it? The next moment Amarant i gone. Why a fairy here in the church? Amarant should flutter outside. Not in the church. She seems captured.

"I shall tell you" the little fairy looks at her with aversion in its pretty face. "You make sure I am here. Once upon a time I belonged but I was curious to you and it was you who captured me and brought me into the church. Now I am a prisoner in this stone world."

"Sorry" Totally numb is Elisia now. She cant remember it. "Sorry, I didnt know..."

She cant stand the look of Amarant. "But why are you not going back to your place?"

"That dont exist anymore. You killed every fairy." Did she? She dont know. When she looks up she is alone and darkness appears from every corner of her prison and within a few minutes she cant see anything, feel only the cold stone everywhere.

Cahira leave the world without looking back. The cold of the wild world is hitting him hard but he welcomes it so he can't feel the pain in his heart. Without a sound he moves away from the border into the dark and when only a pale moon stands far on the horizon he walks slowly and on a mountaintop he stare at the world. Different kinds of grey and blue hides the wild lands. Some trees on the horizon has the silhouet of a grave. Cahira stand still and he tries not to think, not to feel. Elisia is lost, propely death by now, putting in a grave from the church who posses her magic now and leaving her stripped, less now than a mummy. But he can still feel her lips on his. He can still feel her body melting in his.

Cahira walks on, trying to forget, not to think about her. A bare path is bringing him futher into the wild and only when a pale light shows the first sign of the morning a whisper only stops him: Cahira.

He turns and leaning on a rock a representation comes out of the shadow. Even in the dark it seems a bright aura shines. Cahira smiles. "Meldiron." His old friend shakes his hand and soon they are sitting on a small fire when the sun is coming up.

"She captured your heart" After Cahira told about the wiccawomen of church Meldiron looks at his friend who stare without seeing anything in the flames. "and she broke it." add Cahira softly.

Meldiron doesnt say nothing. Any words he speak doesnt make feel Cahira better. The man and the lightpeople seeing the sun shows the world more and more that coming from the shadows. A new day is starting.



With every gone she is put herself in her grave. Elisia smiles with dark eyes to the women Elisia that is laying in the grave. With every shovell full of sand the laughther shrieks harder and harder and the weight of the sand gets heavier. Elisia burries herself. Gasping of air, fighting for live, somehow it doesn't help her. She tries to shout for help but every moment more sand is coming to her and there is no air left. She dies.

Locked up in her grave Elisia fights desperate for herself. For living. But all her attemps are useless. Her death is eating her alive.


The last thing she remembers is the eyes of a cat.


Two very small figures standing at the edge of the circle of black burning candles. Within only the contour of the church so vague in the fog...

With sand and water the plate of the clock is made within the big circle.

A small whirlwind is coming from the point the old black cat sits. Mayra!

Only her eyes are moving, blinking.

Two very small women are holding hands chanting "Finem. Terminas. Extumum." Sometimes they say it softly but sometimes louder.

The whirlwind is moving faster around Mayra and soon she is hidden behind dust. It seems the wind is getting thick and suddenly it is getting dark and Sundara and Anthea are holding each other, getting so afraid but still they chanting "Finem. Terminas. Extumum." Some lightning bolls are hitting the centre and suddenly when the dark is getting darker and even the girls can't hear the words they are chanting. Anthea sees the black candles are no longer burning and she hesitates to light them again but the whirlwind are getting faster and faster and spinning around.

Finem. Terminas. Extumum.

Finem. Terminas. Extumum.

Something heavy, something indestructible is there. They cant see it but they can feel it. Holding on to each other Anthea and Sundara still chant their words. The sand almost blow them away. They feel the burning sand around them anywhere.....

Suddenly a crack and a big blow and the girls feels the stone blow away. The sound is so inmense. Falling on earth they cling to each other and feel the stone hitting hard on the ground around them. So scared they are now. The violence is so inmense. It is hurting their ears. But the silence that follow is so still hurting more. It takes minutes before they dare to watch.

Elisia can't tell anything what happend. They found her totally in shock and only with big trouble they get her to the small bedroom.

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