The world of Elisia




The hall is cold and dark.

At the end of the hall there is a door. She cant hardly see it but she knows it...

She walks a long time in the small hall.

An old smell is surrounding her.. It tells her vague about secrets.

A few autumn leaves are circling on the floor. She feels the cold of the stones on her bare feet. Suddenly she is with the door...

She touch it. It feels so solid.. The door is closed.

Now its not the time to open it.


Elisia opens her eyes. She lays so comfortable in her bed. At her feet the old cat Mayra sleeps undisturbing.. Slowly she rises a bit and take a look in her small room. A candle in a niche shows her that everything is right.. Nothing is wrong.  

She turns a bit and close her eyes. Soon she is sleeping again.

Softly as the wind Elisia walks though the halls of the church, sometimes hearing fragments of gothic singing. She listen to it.

The church is a magical place in time and space and its guardian is Gar the Gargoyle who protects. Connected with the stones of the chuch Gar is usually found outside above the frontdoor, seeing the far away stars.  Mostly Gar is the first who see the night makes place for the day. Gar can only work in the night. Sunlight stones him.

Curled up in a corner of her bed sleeps Mayra, the old, black cat. Mayra is old and spend much of her time in sleep but when she is awake her eyes are full of wisdom and when she speaks everyone listen to her. Elisia sees her fur is so black and mystic. As long as Elisia remembers Mayra is here.

Candles burn everywhere and sometimes an old scent is there. Elisia pass her altar, full of candles, herbs, stones, her book of shadow, ...... and candles and even when it sleeps she feels the powerfull magic.

She pass the chamber of Amarant the elf who was there suddenly and never went away. She knows it is impossible but somehow Amarant let some flowers and a little waterfall grow in her room and in a flower she sees Amarant resting wrapped in a beam of sunlight.

And she is Elisia, the women in or from time and space. Living in the church. She is a magican woman, a witch. She possesses very old, anchient magic, sometimes so strong that it even scared her. But it belongs to her and she cant live without it. Using it she feels her existent magic sparkle...

When she is in her power she is a young woman, her hair black, her eyes full of timeless stars.... but her body aged when she use much magic. She then feel worn out and know its time to recharge again..

The church isn't that big. In fact it is small and only a few chambers are to find here. From the main door you come in a small hall with a old wooden bank with a candle burning. From there to the main centre. Then to a small gang where the small chambers are. A small backdoor, rarely used and hard to open ends this small church...


Sitting in front of her altar Elisia meditate, her hands on her old and thick book of Shadows. She used this book all her life and despite the strong material it was made of the phenomena of many use is shown. Tender moves her hand on the heavy book. She almost stroke it. Her protection spell is strong and contains the book and some stones, candles, knife and more....

She is low on herbs now, so next time she must collect them. Elisia hopes to find time for this when she gets her next assignment... She will ask Gar to guard her..

Slowly she rise. Walking to the wall and place her hand on the cold and ancient stones...Safely inside she thinks at the world outside. What a strange world it is. A world full of contrast. A world that has a lot of ugly in it but also beautiful places beyond compare. This world has it all. Magic, strange people, cities where people lives and works, abandoned places and here she is, standing above all this. She lives in the church where sometimes some kind of assignment comes on her path where she can makes a difference..

After the what most people called as World War 3, the run out of fuel people was forced to live so different. For days big explosions dominate the earth and left so much empty places behind. Factories don't work anymore. Ruined roads and huge areas where no one lives anymore. Ghost places everywhere. Abandoned people trying to make a living. Not much animals on Earth now. But also magic was created and born. It even become common. And the people try or just live here in the world where she was called to set everything right as she strongly believe. Together with Gar, the guardian of the church, Mayra and Amarant.


Outside the church there lies a graveyard, often covered in frog. Broken and crooked graveyards there from the ancient history. The time wiped often the names and data of those who are there. Somehow Elisia don't give them any attention.


Elisia rise up when she hears the clock. Quickly she put her stuff in the backpack. A opportunity to collect the herbs she needs. Looking at the cat she knew it will follow her. She puts the cloak on cause it was chilly in the halls and went to the place where the clock waits her for a new assignment. She smiles when she sees the fairy Amarant joining her. When this little light bringer leaves her room Elisia catch a glimpse of  beautiful flowers and a sparkling waterfall. That is the place of Amarant.

As usual Gar the gargoyle is already there. The clock ticks now slowly. Thick clouds covers the the clock glass and moves slowly around.

Slowly the bob moves around, ticking the moments away.

When everyone is here the clock tells slowly the story...

First what everyone sees is the destruction cause by one man. Its hard to see the dying and the suffering. He is dangerous. He has to stop...


~suddenly a crack and a thunder goes off in Elisia‘s head. It hurts so much. She sees the hall and Gar looking at the clock but also the door where she was –suddenly remembered- seeing the door slowly opened and the wind that comes to blow her away feels so icy cold. It hurts her maybe more.

Elisia sees the eyes of the man. She remembers his name: Cahira!

And all kinds of flashes runs through her mind and every single one cuts deep into her.

She hurting. Even screaming.

Meeting the man, seeing him for the first time

Underground. He saved her.

She finds herself in chains. And he has the key.

Touching the face of him...

She sees herself doing a ritual in this church. And suddenly she remembers this. She feels the floor and saw the protection circle to remember. How can she be forgotten this?

The feeling of dying is getting to her. Elisia felt on the floor and she don't feel that cause inside her a storm with lightning let her scream of the pain and the memories that let her body shake. She sees herself making love to the man and how hot that love was. She still feels it. Gasp for breath she mourns. His words “you will forget me” echoes in her ears. The side of the church and she lying in her bed and still feels his touch on her arm.

Slowly the thunder in her mind goes away. Elisia breath deep and opens her eyes. She is still in the hall and through her tears she sees everyone is watching her.

Somehow she managed to get up and she feels so sick of everyone. The details she don't know yet cause in her head everything is upside down and has no connection anymore. The only thing she can do is turn around and run away. Run as fast as she can.

Before anyone can react she is gone. She flies away from the church and she is so fast that she has a huge head start before they try to search her. But then its to late. She is gone and no one knows where she is and why she is running.

Elisia runs and runs blinding and when she cant move anymore she stops almost fall to a street that is empty and deserted.

Trembling she sits down and with her head into her arms she try to breath calm and try to think. But her head is one big turmoil. What must she do? She cant go back. No she wont go back.

She close her eyes and think of the church. Why must she kills the man who saved her? And why she remember him now? The pain is not that big anymore but she still feels it. Her eyes sees the stars above and the moon and she get the feeling that somehow the church let her forget. And so much memories came back when the clock show her the image of that man. Suddenly her door of memories opens and let her see.

Elisia whispering his name: Cahira!

And she slowly get up and hide her backpack under her cloak. She must find him and tell him she will be a part of his life now and forever. He will save her as he did before. He sets everything right.

With her mind set on him she does a location spell and walks to him.


While reaching her destiny she meet more and more people on the streets. Its cold and its raining. People walking by often laughing, hardly noticed by them Elisia walks to the bar where he must be. With a deep breath she opens the door and laughing, smoke and a lot of noise is meeting her. Trying not to get attention from others she gets in and her eyes search for the man. In a corner she finds him. He is playing a pool with some other men.

With only eyes for him she greets him with a smile. He looks up and she sees the surprise and wonderings in his eyes. His eyes moves around but that she missed somehow so glad she is founding him. “Hi... I am here!”

Every reaction she was expecting but not his whispering “go away”. He then continues his game like she isn't there.

So confused she turned around, hear him laugh with some other man and she disappears.


Cahira see her go. Not showing emotions he finished the game, admitting he lost and pay some money to the man. He ordered a drink and slowly drink it, responding on some greetings and scanning the bar. Everything seems normal. No one paid extra attention to the lady who was here before. He relax a bit, wondering what she is doing here and her words. What is going on?

He left some time later. Outside he scans the streets and let some people pass. Trying to get some clues he search the entree of the bar. He noticed she stands still a time before she moves. Even with his experience it is hard to follow her. It is now pass night and soon the sun will come.

He don't make much progress. It is quiet. Almost everyone sleeps. The rain has stopped but the wind is chilly.


Elisia walks on the street. Some music she hears. It comes from a bar.  A woman's voice sings a song that finds its way directly to her heart:


She listen to it and the song and the emotion touch her deeply. With some tears in her eyes she stands still and hear the music and sometimes she whisper a word. After the song is over Elisia catch a glimpse of the female singer of the band. She feels the true emotion in her and in the music she sings. Quickly she moves on with the words in her head.

What now? Where must she go? Feeling so strong and yet so week she is the only one on the streets. It is quiet. But a new day is coming and for her it is time to seek shelter and to think (but not now) what to do. She needs a home and soon! Elisia sees big buildings, empty, high and deserted. It is not finished. No one lives there but for her it means a temporary place where she can hide. Everyone who approaching she will see. A perfect look out.

On bare stairs she goes up. The bare walls, the empty rooms and finally she is on the top. There she sits down. With her knees bend she sits and feels the wind playing with her hair. For a long time she only sits. Feeling nothing. Finally she got to her senses and feel how tired she is. She left the only home she has. The church. And what now? Some lines of that song she heard plays in her mind.

Fed up with my destiny. And this place of no return. Think I'll take another day And slowly watch it burn. It doesn't really matter how the time goes by

 She knows she standing on a crossroad and don't know what way she must turn. Back to the church? Cahira wants that. Building a new home? And let the inside of what she once was go outside? Is that wise? She feels a turmoil of all kinds of emotions and she is in the middle of it. And the memories and all she did will come back if she will stay outside the church. Can she handle that? Can she face that? Somehow she knows it will be a touch road. Will she travel that? What will she finds? Or perhaps lost?

But on the other side. Back to the church? Where she starts to forget? Why she starts forget? What is the purpose of that? She still believes she did good work there. Help the helpless. But the church wants the man she loves, yes somehow she still do, killed. But she has a place there to sleep, eat and rest. It was her home.

Elisia closes her eyes. What to do now?

She thinks, feel a tear running down her cheek and knows she must come to a decision. But she cant. She feels so bone tired and it is like she walks at the end of her journey and to find out that nothing is there.

With her arms around her she is staring into the night where some blue and yellow already tells that the day is coming. She is whispering the song she heard to her and suddenly she rises knowing that Cahira is coming. But now she don't feel excitement or love. She don't feel nothing.

She turns her head and looks at the world below. Twinkling lights in the distance and an early sunrise. Then when he enters she slowly turns, looking at him. He is so different now. A part of her wants to run to him and seek shelter and love in his arms. But she only stand still and watch at him.

First he don't say nothing. Both know they scanned each other. Finally he turns the palm of his hand to her and then reach a bit to her. Behind her more colours are shown. It gives a magic look. “Please” he say quietly. “go back to the church and forget all about me. What we have can never be. If you stay here your enemies will find you and you have to face them” he stops talking, looking in her eyes and say softly “and more.”

She knows he knows more about her than she do. How much she don't remember?

Slowly she turns and look at the sunrise. Then she turns to him and say ”The church wants you dead. Why?” That surprises him.

For a moment there is silence and he says “you cant stay here or with me. Elisia you have a lot of enemies and when they find you, you properly don't survive that. You cant stay with me. We live in two different worlds. I am a warrior and you are a sorcerer. Maybe it is not a good option but please go back to the church where you are safe.”

She wants to answer but there isn't one in her head. Going back? No somehow she cant. Maybe it is her time now to find out. Or maybe not.

She felt so dizzy, unable to react. Some of her strength is lost and some of her black hair turns into white.

“and besides” Cahira continues. “the church wouldn't let you go. You are the best they had”

Right now he speaks riddles. She cant place the words. It sound so strange.

Behind her it is getting lighter. More colours are showing.

She close her eyes and warns: “ Two are coming”. She feels they are not a treat. He slowly and with moves of a cat returns to the enter. His hand moves to his sword but then he relax almost invisible. “They are not a treat”

She nodded. She sense some power but it is not a great magical one.

Two girls are coming up. The climb has made them tired. Surprised they seen Elisia and Cahira.

“sorry” one of the girls, say with eyes on her friend. She hesitated, clearly not suspected the man. Shyly she looks away. She looks sweet with her shoulder long brown hair and hazel brown eyes. The other girl is taking the lead.  She smiles and her chocolate brown face lightened up saying ”I am Sundara. This is Anthea.” She looks at the man and Elisia and with her eyes resting on the sorcerer, clear cut against the sunrise. She continues. “we have an offer for you. Can you please stay with us for a while and teach us magic? We try to get you save and hide. No one will know you are with us.”

Cahira thinks and he likes the idea that Elisia is off of the street. “from which world you want to take her?” he ask.

“This world.”

He nodded. Good! Maybe that works till she all figured it out and go back to the church. With that in mind he regrets her leaving but it is the best thing for her. If she ever finds out....

Elisia thinks about it, scans the two girls she likes. She sense love between them but also some magic in them, mostly unawake. In their eyes she only see friendship to her.

“Okay.” She moves to the girls, shaking their hands. “I am Elisia”

While she joins the girls she left Cahira behind without any word. He hears them chat and turns to the sunrise. A spectacular sunrise starts with all kinds of pink, purple blue, orange and gold. Suddenly he feels alone and he missed Elisia. He don't know if he is lucky with her decision. He hopes she returns to the church next night. Today it is to late, the sunrise has started. He looks at the horizon and feels it will be a hot day again. Stars bleach and when he looks down he sees the three girls walking away from the building and from him.


In the light of the sunrise three woman are walking on the streets. They pass bars, abandoned buildings and reach finally an old area of the town. Elisia is tired. She don't know what to expect, she don't know what to think and just following the young ladies. Elisia is relieved to see they reach their destiny. In a small street with old buildings who are trying to reach to the sky the girls lives. Elisia looks up, sees a lot of windows and feel the history of the houses. She don't dislike it but don't go further into what she feels. She is too tired. She just following the girls into one of the houses and take the stairs that surely can use paint on the third floor where the apartment is located. It is silent now. Elisia sees a lot of doors in every hall and on one of them Anthea opened the door and shut and lock them behind them.

The place isn't that big and a lot of different kind of furniture are on it but it is cosy and in a corner of a room Elisia feels a glimpse of magic there. Sundara shows Elisia the toilet and the bad room and points to a larger bedroom. “Here we sleep.” Elisia sees a really girly bedroom. “We have to work in a few hours. So tomorrow you are alone. Please enjoy yourselves. You can watch TV or read...” The living room is shown; it is cosy and has warm yellow colours. Then a small room with a bed and a chair is shown to Elisia. Quickly Anthea makes the bed. “sorry we cant offer you more.”

“No it is good. I like the room.” Elisia looks at the green walls and some pictures of woman that hanged there. “Do you want to eat or drink?”

“No thanks. I think I like to sleep.” Hesitated the girls leaves the small room and Elisia closed the door behind them. Hearing the girls talking softly to each other, Elisia sits on the bed and feel how bone tired she is. Slowly she undress herself and goes to bed. She does her light off and stare at the walls. A blue light coming from the outside shines in her room though the curtains. In the gloom of that light Elisia hear the girls also going to bed. They have a few hours sleep before they work. She don't know what they do for a living.

She feels so tired and desperate longing for sleep but somehow she stare at the wall, seeing the morning light getting brighter and she tries to think. What must she do now? Totally blank she simply don't know. Back to the church? That is what Cahira wants. But she feels free and captured at the same time. That song is running in her mind. Fed up with my destiny. And this place of no return. Think Ill take another day.And slowly watch it burn. It doesnt really matter how the time goes by... And what she never think of, happened cause a little time later she sleeps....


Somehow it looked like a long time but on the other hand it looked like a few minutes when she woke up. It is daylight now and she shuts her eyes on the light that is too light now. After a few minutes she knows she is awake cause she hear the door shut down.

Elisia stand up. She walks with not much clothes on to the apartment and see she is alone. She finds a note where hasty written:

Elisia feels a strange headache. She walks to the whole apartment seeing and discovering everything. In the corner of the living room where the girls have their altar. She stare at it. Suddenly she feels cold. She take a shower and choose a old jeans and sweater from one of the girls. Her clothes she stores in the corner of her little room. Then she eats something, drinking a lot of coffee, walks in the living room and try the music or the television. Her headache last the whole day. On a bookshelf she finds some books that interesting her but also an empty notebook.

Curled up on the chair she close her eyes and a lot of memories are in her head. Some of the memories she cant place that well.

On every page she write what is coming in her mind. Memories of the church. Memories of the tasks she did and memories on Cahira. Sometimes she write slowly but sometimes so hastily and in the corner she try to get an connection somehow. Flipping on the book she feels so sick suddenly and runs to the toilet. After throwing up she sinks to her knees and start sobbing. Cleaning all she mess she made she goes again to the shower and start to cry hard and hurting....

Finally she stopped and when the girls are coming home with food they find her in the living room. At first the conversation is hard but after a while and a good TV show that Elisia likes at once, it is getting better. Outside the night starts and Anthea lit some candles and serve wine and cheese.

Then a silence is coming. Sundara stares in her wineglass and Anthea let her head resting on her arms. Elisia looking around the room and then to the girls. She feels the notebook nearby and with a softly voice she ask: “who am I?”

For a long moment that question hangs in the air and the girls exchange a look. Uncertain Anthea look at Elisia and she said: “Surely one of the mightiest witches, one who serve the church, one with a history and hopefully our teacher.”

Sundara place her glass on the table and with a look to Anthea and Elisia she tells: “We don't know much about your assignments from the church. We don't know much about the church. I have a bookstore and has many books there but the church is so ancient, almost legendary.. well there is not much information. I think it is one of the rarest thing that has its place in this world and the other world. But eh.” Sundara take a look on the notebook. “We are just at the beginning of the road that is calling Magic and you walk there for a long time. Last week with the start of the new moon we ask the universe to help to walk more, learn more about the magical road. We got the image of you and every day we did a spell to locate you and yesterday we where lucky. We found you.”

Elisia is suspicious but know Sundara spoke the truth. She just cant believe how innocent these girls are. In a small way she feels jealous.

“and we are glad you come with us” added Anthea.

Looking in a candle that is flickering Elisia thinks; how do we go from here? She nodded and try to figure out what to do next. She seems so lost now and know so little. All kinds of thoughts, begin to tormented her and she don't know what is wrong and what is right. She cant place much. The only one who knows more is Cahira but he wants her to go back to the church.

Still the question “who am I” spooks in her head.


Outside Cahira, hidden, watch the house. Sees how the girls go to bed and when the sunrise starts he left his place. Elisia didn't go to the church.


The next day it is raining a lot. It is cold and the wind blows to the streets. It is a dark grey day and if people don't have to go outside, they stay indoors.

Cahira walks to an empty factory. He is tired and the long walk in the rain has made him wet. But still he stands still for a time to check if he is followed. He knows he is safe but this habit of him saved him a couple of times. Then he goes inside, climb the half broken stairs up and pass some old and broken machines. It is a mess inside. Broken glass, doors are not here anymore and the windows that still whole are so dirty you cant hardly look through it. But he pass it quickly and he left no trace on the floor. Upstairs he goes and comes in a large and empty room where he goes to the corner of the room. Suddenly he is aware that hidden under a cloak it is Elisia. Hidden in the dark shadows she waits there for him.

He wants to know. “How do you find me?”

“A location spell” she speaks softly. “a secret one”

He just looked at her but she choose her place very well. Hidden in the shadows.

“Tell me” he replay.

“I hope you can tell me who I am.”

Cahira leans against the wall. Looking at her but he don't see much, he started. “The best way for you, for me and for everyone is that you go back to the church. Then you can start forgetting again. If you don't do this, the church needs a new sorcerer but before it can claim one it needs to kill you. There is not another way for them.”

He wishes to see how his words effecting her but she don't move. He continues: “If you don't go back, the church wants to kill you. You be haunted by your memories and believe me they are a burden to wear. And in your past before you went to the church you made some enemies. When you decided to stay they will soon find out and come after you. Those enemies are powerful and dangerous.”

Cahira don't say nothing more. It will break his heart to see her back to the church but it is the best way for her. She don't stand a chance.

Elisia bows her head and say barely heard:  “thanks.”

Then she walks away and Cahira looking at her in the cloak. His heart goes out to her. Suddenly she stops and returns to him. With most of her face hidden in the cloak she kisses him so softly he only feel her lips for a brief moment. Then she walks away and leaving him behind.


Sundara looks outside. Sitting in the window of her bookstore she wonders why she opened her store. Only one costumer bought something and for more than an hour she didn't saw a human. It rains hard now and inside she sit comfortable with a cup of coffee. Suddenly she feels sad without a reason. Her thoughts goes to her friend and that brings a smile to her face. They are together for four years now and still she is so in love. She scared when the bell rings. A costumer. She stands up and sees a women who is taking of the hood. “Elisia.” A real surprise for Sundara.

“Yes.” The witch remodels her hair and put out her cloak, leaving to dry on the chair. “I want to do some research. Can I do that here?”

“Ofcourse.” Hastily Sundara lit some candles on the large table while Elisia already walks around to seek some books. “Do you want coffee?” “Yes Please.”

While it is raining hard the two girls are sitting, reading and taking notes a soft candlelight where smothered by the grey of the rain.

Anthea peeks outside and see the rain falling on the windows of the office she works. She tucks her hair behind her ear and try to concentrate on the paperwork on her desk. But her mind goes out to last night and the magic Elisia brought... What a power has that woman. So much that deep in her heart it is frightened her... And still that power sleeps.. But it attacks also. She wishes she has that kind of powers. A small smile concur to her if she image how she will run this place. She will certainly punish Mister Beck, her boss. Often she is the victim of his anger... She wish she could find another job but doesn't have that luck yet...

She comes to the point of hating her job and getting a headache when she thinks of that... She cant find a solution to this... Sundara thinks she must get angry but that is one thing she never can do. Her eyes are looking at the window again. What kind of job suits her? With a deep breath she focus on the paperwork and grit her teeth. One day she will get it. One day everything falls into the place... From the corner of her eyes she sees Mister Beck passing by and don't come to her this time. Maybe she founds luck at her side...

A shadow pass on the window, barely noticed. Three woman are sitting at the table and there is a silence weights heavy.... Finally Elisia look to Sundara and Anthea. "What do you think?" she ask so softly... "If you think you are right and if that helps....." Anthea's voice sounds so uncertain. Sundara looks at her and then to Elisia and said "the main power must come from you. We are just supporting...." and she thinks ..just giving to much credit for what we do. The truth is we hardly doing iit.. "But you must be there when it happens to create the protecting circle...." Elisia looks at the girls and hopes they be there for her when it ends. Suddenly she hears something concentrating energy at the door she say clearly: "expositus and prepared for anything Elisia let the door opens and happiness will visit her face. "Mayra!"

A tiny black cat is there and comes inside. Elisia lift her in her arms and for minutes she is stroking the black fur. Sundara looks at them and say so softly no one can hear her: "we cant allow animals. It is forbidden." Finally Elisia turns to the girls and sit down, still with Mayra in her arms. "This is Mayra, a special cat who lives in the church. They see a cat, so old and tiny but the eyes of the cat is still twinkling. "She comes to visit me and supporting me."

Scared and wishing it will be over soon Sundara and Anthea make a circle on an empty spot. The wind blows almost their chanting away. The sky is dark grey and it looks it going to rain any minute. The place feels so awful.

Uncertain Elisia looks up to Cahira. His face shows nothing. Suddenly he comes to her and hit her hard in her face. The blood drops on her shoulder. She tear apart her dress a bit and leaves him without any word, without any look. Cahira watches her go, deep inside knowing he is lost without her.

Sundara and Anthea sees her coming. She is beaten and her hair and dress are so messed up and dirty. Blood on her face and dress she waits on a spot where fog appears. It is getting colder and Sundara and Anthea hide, fearing what Elisia will do. The Church appears and in the fog with the wind blowing Elisia stands with her hands as fists.

Only the silhouettes from the gravestones they see and only the lines of Gar, appearing from the church itself they see. Very scared Sundara and Anthea hides. They dont see how Elisia face the terror of death. They don't see the courage how Elisia walks inside, slowly moving her hands outside.

Elisia comes in the hall and knows Gar is now behind her. She sees the clock and with cold blue fire she aims for the clock and with all her magic she screams "effligo!" With a loud noise that is heard outside the clock blows up in many parts.

Outside Sundara and Anthea and from a distance Cahira looks and they hope and expect that the church blows up but that is not happening. Instead they see how the Church shrink and disappear in the fog. The smell of death lingers.

Nothing from Elisia. It went terrible wrong.

With big eyes Sundara looks up to Cahira, still looking at the empty space. "what is happened" she ask defeated. Cahira scans the area. All is gone now. The Church, the gravestones and Elisia. "She is lost now. Beyond reach. The Church will consume her...." The last words are barely hearing. Brusk he turns and left. Still with the smell of death in their noises the girls waits but nothing is happening. Nothing is returning. Sundara touches the cold hand of Anthea and say "lets go home" 

In silence they walk home. Feeling lost and trying not to think what happened to Elisia. Walking on the stairs to their home and opening the door they see the cat Mayra is sleeping on the bed where Elisia slept. With big eyes of sadness Anthea looks to Sundara.

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