Keep a diary, and someday it'll keep you.
Mae West



I write songs that are like diary entries. I have to do it in order to feel sane.
Taylor Swift

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Diary 2013



A new year and the days are flying so fast. Wonderful times with my friend J. We have a friendship that is so special and wonderful. We know each other almost 30 years now. I am too busy with my work and don't get that much satisfaction.

Somehow it is harder to play the harp. Somehow my fingers don't follow the music notes that good. But I didn't practice so well. I give up easily.

2013 what will it bring? I hope I write more but so far no adding lines on stories. I hope to follow this webset more. Rooting on solid ground and visiting trees more. They are my roots to Mother Earth and the dreams of the sky.

This is so great. Please click here (will open in a new window) and listen to this message.

Februari starts with the flu for me. My head has a headache and I feel musclepain. On the internet it tells my body makes  white blood cells to fight the flu and the concentration on spots in my body let me feel the muscle pain. In my body there is a war going.

Februari 16

After a cold I found the willows on meadows with their feet into icewater. It is cold. Snow rests are still found and only sheep and ponies are outside in the winter.

Everything is allright with Sita. She is scared at the frist time and thinks then she doesnt have any reason. But it is so in her systhem. Buffy my other cat doesnt like her.

March 24

It is so cold here in the Netherlands now. Freezing, with a very cold eastern wind. Only the snowdrops (here below from my garden) are blooming when the sun is shining.

The morning star of flowers.
      - James Montgomery, Snow-Drop

Lone Flower, hemmed in with snows and white as they
  But hardier far, once more I see thee bend
    Thy forehead, as if fearful to offend,
      Like an unbidden guest. Though day by day,
        Storms, sallying from the mountain tops, waylay
          The rising sun, and on the plains descend;
            Yet art thou welcome, welcome as a friend
              Whose zeal outruns his promise!
      - William Wordsworth, To a Snow-Drop

At the head of Flora's dance;
  Simple Snow-drop, then in thee
 All thy sister-train I see;
      Every brilliant bud that blows,
 From the blue-bell to the rose;
   All the beauties that appear,
   On the bosom of the Year,
              All that wreathe the locks of Spring,
        Summer's ardent breath perfume,
         Or on the lap of Autumn bloom,
           All to thee their tribute bring.
      - James Montgomery, Snow-Drop

Nor will I then thy modest grace forget,
  Chaste Snow-drop, venturous harbinger of Spring,
    And pensive monitor of fleeting years!
      - William Wordsworth, To a Snow-Drop

I so like them. They are beautiful. Glad to say I have many of them living in my garden!

April 6

Today I visit some special trees in the area around Roosendaal in the Netherlands

And was visiting a little but oh so beautiful shopping area where it was so beautiful. I so like it!

Then it was time for ABBA. The ABBA fanclub day in a danceplace in Roosendaal

All kinds of ABBA stuff you can buy and rare videoparts was shown.

Tired and with my head full I drove home and came this old army plane above me in the sky

April 19

The beautiful creator Storm Thorgerson died of cancer on age 70. He did wonderful covers for Pink Floyd. Here some of his art

Lately I went everywhere.

I just visit some old trees, and wonderful places. Right now a lot of new trees and some old friends are coming on my dutch tree website.

Almost from one day to another I lost my job and that feels so strange, after years without any holiday.

Now I am almost 50 and trying to live day by day. There is hardly any work left and I am too old and too expensive I think. So right now I live in free and it is getting time to step out of it and trying to find a job again.

Enjoying art and wonderful flowers. Going out with my friends. Meeting different places and feeling alive again.


For a while now I don't write any longer to my English story on this site. Somehow I am too busy with other computer things. I hope I pick up the story again. The persons are still living in me and I am not forgetting them!

July 30

After seeing The Wall with Roger Waters I am looking Pink Floyd again and seeing the concert from 1994, 19 years ago now! I was there in the Netherlands and it was so great and magical. I watched it and saw what I forget and forget what I saw. Pink Floyd, what a music! What a group!

 August 1

Sometimes you dont have to travel to see something new, it is around the corner and you never knew it...

That I had with this castle

Our frog is for some years now in our garden. Sometimes it show itself while sunbathing on the rocks but more often you hear him somewhere hiding under the green

Sita has found her place here and still Buffy my black and white cat doesn't agree with her living here so they will not be good friends. But both has a place here and still they bring a lot of time outside even in  the rain but then again, our place has still a good napping places to get the rest for the cats.

Autumn Arrived

Yes, Autumn is arrived.

Some late flowers and some asters are flowering and leaves turns into red and brown and yellow colours.

Fall Ballet
In fall the leaves are dancing
In the newly cool, crisp breeze,
Tumbling, skipping, flipping,
As they throw themselves from trees.
Twirling, whirling dancers,
Give performances each day,
Floating gracefully to earth,
In a circular ballet.
And as they land together,
Making not a sound,
They form a comfy quilt,
For the cooling winter ground.
By Joanna Fuchs

The coverband ABBAmania was here in the netherlands and I was enjoying the show. Unfortunally the homepage isnt so well updated. But the group gave a wonderful show and Frida from this group was very energic. Agnetha makes a great performence with Ive been waiting for you. And the bassplayer Pablo Robers loves making ABBA music and it was great to see that.


Just prepared this homepage for 2014. New diary, new reading list...

For days I was thinking I made a kind of  blog here but I choose for a different one on Never thought I blogged too. But I do.

But I love to write in my diary so that part I keep!

The day before Christmas

I am writing this the day before christmas. I did a lot of work ahead so I can relax and eat at christmas day. The second one I work and work the clock round. But now, the day before christmas starts I toast to you and me and ask: what are you highlights in 2013 and the dark moments in 2013?

Have a good time and please thinking of some people and animals who has not a good life!

December 31

And now the last hours of 2013 is here...

Wish you a great and wonderful 2014 and I hope you will smile when you think of 2013...

Happy New Year