Welcome by my Diary 2012



2012 is started and I Visit Zutphen again cause there is a waterflood there. It happends in 2011 too (see my diary from a year ago)

Here the white houses that looks to the water.

2011 this parking place was flooding. Now not.

The railwaybridge.

Normal the water comes to the treeline and now it is floating over in the meadow


Wow. Wish I could see it. I think it is the best Flashmob dance! Wow


Winterís Embrace
When winter blows its cold breath everywhere,
And throws a chill white blanket on the ground,
The sun makes sparkling diamonds on the snow,
And trees with icy diadems are crowned.


Itís time to snuggle in for winter fun
In cozy places, maybe by a fire.
A good book and some cocoa feel just right
In flannels, sweaters, winterís warm attire.


Winterís gloom is comforting somehow,
As life retreats from its rushed and frantic pace.
Weíre ready now to stay indoors awhile,
As we settle into winterís calm embrace.


By Joanna Fuchs

This is so great! How close can a train in a vegetable market: http://www.wimp.com/vegetablemarket/

March was a sunny month and sometimes I sat outside by our little lake and relax there. The peace I then feel feels great. The soft Tulips I bought was bringing Easter in my livingroom. April will get more rain and less sun they tell. But spring is here!

April 13th

Last year I bought soft pink nail varnish and used it only a few times. Today I bought a orange brown color and it makes my hands beautiful and less old. I feel more woman now!

May 9

The last days I am so in the tvserie Beauty and the Beast!

What a great serie this is. So really great. It has my love!



Yes, still in Beauty and Beast Mood

Look carefully in each picture for the cat as it makes it's way down to the dog


Everytime the cat waits for the dog and together they take a walk

Animals are so amazing and they know the Friendship value

Somehow I cant believe it but tomorrow (on June 30) it is 9 years ago that my beloved cat Mary went to the rainbowbridge. Unbelievable how fast the time goes.

Oh what was she special and still I miss her. She was my first cat.

On a lost mood full of melancholy I was searching my websites and what I printed out before about the pages I got from the online groups. Sometimes in the past the pages are complete but not always. And bravenet put a message on the pages which include an inlog but unfortunally I dont have the inlog information.

Those where the days...

And so pity that I cant share the first ones to you. They are gone. What a jewel they where....

Certainly they are bringing a lot of memories....
2004 Wosib Birthday http://celebrations.angelcities.com/Regina/anniversary.html  (no graphs)
2005 Wosib Anniversary http://reginaandronnie.bravehost.com/  (dont work)
2006 Wosib Anniversary http://dawnzdesynz.com/wosib/regina-ronnie/pink-daisy.html
2006 SS Birthday http://sscelebrationteam.tripod.com/birthdays/regina2006/index.html
2007 Wosib Birthday http://www.reginajansen.nl/b2007.htm
2008 Wosib Birthday http://www.reginajansen.nl/bd/reginapg1.htm 
  Gof Birthday http://reginabd08.bravehost.com/countdown/  (so sad, dont work)
  PSP   http://angelregina.topcities.com/MainPage.html
  Wosib Truus http://truusmemory.bravehost.com/truus.html  -dont work :0(
  Wosib Get well http://getwellsoonregina.bravehost.com/index.html  no sorry
2007 SS Spoil http://secretfey.tripod.com/regina-oct/index.htm
  SS Spoil http://secretsisterregina.angelfire.com/
2005 SS Birthday http://sscelebrations.150m.com/ReginaBD2005/index.html
  Wosib Get Well http://www.reginajansen.nl/page.htm
  SS Anniversary http://ladies.maddsites.com/regina/r1.html
  Wosib Get Well http://getwellsoonregina.bravehost.com/index.html  (dont work)
2009 HOF Anniversary http://www.hearttreasures.nl/hof/gifts1.html
2009 HoF Birthday http://www.hearttreasures.nl/hof2009/index.html
  gbbg birthday http://www.hearttreasures.nl/butter/1.htm
  gbbg birthday http://reginabirthday.bravehost.com/  (from bravenet-so no)
  gbbg birthday http://www.hearttreasures.nl/dd/index.html
2010 HoF birthday http://www.hearttreasures.nl/hofbirthday2010/index.html
2011 HoF anniversary http://www.hearttreasures.nl/hof/anniversary2011/index.html
2011 HOF Birthday http://www.hearttreasures.nl/birthday2011/birthday2011.html
    Anniversary http://www.hearttreasures.nl/HOF2012rr/index.htm
  GoF Anniversary http://reginaann11.bravehost.com/  (bravenetaccount- so no working)
2012 GoF Anniversary http://www.hearttreasures.nl/rr2012/index.html

Another year older

Another year wiser

And My good penpal ABBA friend gives me this

A sad farewell to my cats Fido and Santi. Being old and being sick I brought them to the rainbowbride..

Now I face an empty house without the red and black cats. Only Buffy is still here (for that I am grateful) but I miss the cats.

Saying goodbye means you die a little too...

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November 1
Today I am in a reflecting mood. Wondering a lot about life and my future.
Thinking a lot about the losses I faced in my life.
It is raining now in the Netherlands. Soft Tender Rain with a cold wind around it. Autumn has arrived.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You are just a sweet person. When a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, you are happy to offer yours with a box of tissues as well. Once in awhile, you wish you could be a little more dramatic but then sensibility sets back in and you know that you are perfect the way you are."


Please introduce My new cat Sita. A young shy and also some wild cat I took from the shelter. She escaped the same day and was away for more than a week. Then we could capture her again and she stayed in for almost a week. Now she can go where she go and she is again too much outside. Only come home for eating.

This animal is called Johannes. On a sandbank near the Netherlands. It is a Humpback Megaptera novaeangliae) and 12 meters long.

People tried to rescue this animal but that failed. Right now it is still alive and waiting to die. I feel so sorry for this animal.......


At the end of 2012......

I ride the taxi in the night while it is raining and the wind is blowing and seeing the lonely people and the music from the past and feeling tired. Feeling melancholic too, thinking of the people who went out of my life, the animals and about the future; feeling old.

2013 starts soon and this is my last lines I write in this diary. Perhaps it is the years but I feel more moody now and I dont know why.

Wish you a Happy New Year

Within the trail of glory
In nature's peaceful calm
Such captivating beauty
Each heart's most sacred psalm
Such glory in this vision
With bated breath we share
Exhaling all the triumphs
Of life and love that's there
The air becomes the magic
That fills our life with zest
Each tree of greatest grandeur
Our gift at God's behest
Forever now our footsteps
Are left on earth to bind
In every path of nature
Our spirits have aligned.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright July 24, 2007



Photo is taken near in the Redwood Forest of Northern CA.